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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Tigger is an Airedale Terrier who was surrendered to ADT Rescue a couple of weeks ago. He's only eleven months old, still a pup, and has had a confoozled growing up time. Through no fault of his own, Tigger needed a foster home. You remember reading Grady's story here awhile back? Grady's Mom & Dad went to Birmingham to pick Tigger up and bring him to Mobile. They are going to foster him until he gets a forever home. 

My Mom went over to meet Tigger today and evaluate him. ADTs can be kinda difficult for lotsa people to handle and Mom needs to know if Tigger has any anxieties or aggressions or possessive or hard headed bits to him. Actually, if he's not hard headed, he probly isn't a pure bred Airedale but this isn't the time for that discussion, according to Mom.

Here are pictures of Tigger and the Bakers today. Mom said he doesn't have any of those problems we mentioned earlier. She needs to find out how he is around kids, though. So she's gonna take the grandkids over to meet him this week. She always uses them for this part of the evaluation and they really really know how to act all jumpy and loud and silly around dogs. If Tigger passes that test, he's A-Okay.

I'm betting on Tigger. According to his pedigree, he has several ancestors from the same breeder's kennel I do. And I am, after all, a Superior Airedale Terrier.



Ms. A said...

Bet Grady's Mom & Dad are glad for the company. Good luck to Tigger!

gmarch53 said...

Dear Tigger,

You deserve a good home with forever people! I know that the Hooligan's mom will help you get there.

tricia said...

Yea to Linda and Larry! I hope this ends the same as just "fostering" Grady. Tigger looks pretty darn happy to see Larry.

Lori G said...

Awww, Yea!!! To the Baker's!!! (I see a Tigger in their future, ahem). Best of Luck Tigger! You already have the best team on your side ♥

Yum-Yum said...

AWWWwwww, Lucky Tigger! And can't wait for pics of the grands jumping and being KIDS to test you because, if I remember Winnie the Pooh (and I do because my ex husband thought he was our real child, but that's another story) Tigger jumps up and down like the grands will and a grand time will be had in the foster home, which we suspect may morph into a forever home...ya just never know with tiggers!