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Thursday, June 30, 2011

It Is What It Is!

Maggie loves Dad more than anybody else in the world. She gets up in his lap and covers his face with licks. She licks his hands. And his toes. Maggie gives Dad so many kisses that Mom makes him wash his face with soap before he goes to bed.

When Dad lies down on the sofa to watch tv or to take a nap, Maggie lets him sleep for a liddle while then she goes running past him and throws her tongue over his face just so he’ll know she’s close by. Dad has a special pillow that he uses when he lies down on the sofa. Maggie loves that pillow, too.

Sometimes Dad has to go on trips oudda town and when he’s gone, Maggie really really misses him. She misses him so much that as soon as Mom’s back is turned, Mag sneaks into the tv room and stalks the sofa. When she’s absolutely pawsitively sure Mom isn’t looking, Maggie grabs Dad’s pillow and pulls it to the floor. That pillow is Maggie’s security blankey when Dad is away from home. Mom says she can’t bring herself to throw the sofa pillow away, but she can’t understand how Dad can bring himself to put his head back on it when he takes his naps, either. I know the answer.

It’s like I told ya before. We Hooligans Rule da House!



Yum-Yum said...

and THAT is just as it should be, DD! we just gotta be patient wid our peeplZ and hope that one day they will understand. not really. they won't, but we neVAH, EVAH stop trying to help them! that what make us betta and why ALL THE PILLOWZ SHOULD BE OURZ FOREVER!

Ms. A said...

One can never get rid of those special objects that bring comfort. BUT, I might have to try to stick that pillow in the washing machine. We know how ripe they can get!

marifun said...

Dear Mr. Duke, When our mom goes out of town she sleeps on our clean crate towels the night before she leaves. When we get sad or miss her, we can smell our towels and she's there in scent.
That's what Maggie is doing- smelling your dad on the piddow for comfort. (Plus- she is a girl- they do that!)
Sweetie and Bailey Fun

Lori G said...

I Love the Big Dudes pillow! He says "no", then he giggles & cuddles me. sigh*
Popie :)