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Monday, June 13, 2011

House Manners

"Save me, Daddy!"

We all have the same headache and it’s because SOMEdog forgot that being in the house calls for house manners.

What happened was this: us hooligans had been outside for about four hours and it was really really hot yesterday afternoon. Mom opened the door and me and Maggie and Buddy hauled tail into the den and rocketed toward the kitchen where the water bowl is.

Maggie and Buddy always always try to beat each other through doorways. They are shorter and faster than me, so I usually just stop and let them bash it out between them. Well, this time it did turn into a bash.

Somedog stepped on somedog and somedog got mad and snapped and somedog growled and before we knew what was what they were both rolling and tumbling and snarling and growling ---

And then Mom picked up the air horn and pressed the button. Maggie screamed and jumped into Dad’s lap. Buddy got up, shook himself and meandered over to the water bowl. I lay down and waited for everyone to get calm.  Then I got some water. Then Mom grabbed Maggie by the collar and took her to the water bowl.

We all went into our crates without being told to and we settled down and took a long nap. Today we are staying in the house all day and we are happy except for one problem.

 Our ears are still ringing.



Lori G said...

Uh Oh...."Some Dogs"! Tsk, tsk,...It's Always those shorter Dogs that cause the trouble! Oh wait...I'm short...
umm, whoof...

Ms. A said...

My ears are ringing, just thinking about an air horn in the house! Yikes!

gmarch53 said...

I bet just the sight of that thing will bring ALL to attention!

Yum-Yum said...

auntie meme, please delete the picture of the air thingy so mom
doesn't see it...thank you.