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Monday, October 31, 2011

NO NEWS is NOT good news

I have just emailed the reporter at WKRG (CBS affiliate) in Mobile, Alabama, asking what the latest is on the dog killings and mutilations. When he answers, I'll let you know. In the meantime, here again is contact information for the Mobile, AL Sheriff's Office, the Citronelle Police Department, and the County Commissioner's Office in Citronelle.

Deputy Josh Rhodes,
Citronelle Police Department: no email address was located, however, you can TELEPHONE them at:
(251) 866-5527
And the telephone number for the Mobile County Commissioner's office in Citronelle is 251-866-3163.

Keep those calls and emails going!

Application to Adopt An Airedale Terrier

Ready to adopt an Airedale Terrier? Please print out the following application, fill it out entirely, scan & email it to Alabama Airedale Rescue. Our email address is at the bottom of the application. 

Application for Adoption

Name:_________________________________________   Telephone:______________                                                                          


City:______________________________  State:___________  Zip:________________

Occupation:_______________________________  Work Telephone:______________

Would you prefer Male or Female:__________________     Age:_________________

Have you ever owned an Airedale?_________________________________________

What other breeds have you owned? ________________________________________

Tell us about your current pets.       

Breed                          Age     Sex      Neutered
______________        ____    ____    ________
______________        ____    ____    ________
______________        ____    ____    ________
______________        ____    ____    ________

How and when did you lose your last dog?
Have you ever given up a dog?  ( ) Yes   ( ) No

If Yes, please explain______________________________________________________
Under what circumstances would you consider giving up your dog?


When will you be ready for your new dog?___________________________________


Where will your dog stay when no one is at home?____________________________

For how many hours per day?_____________________________________________

Is your back yard fenced?________________________________________________
Type of fence & approx height:___________________________________________
Is the fence detached from the home so that you have to walk into it or does the back door open directly into it? _______________________________________________
Approx size of the fenced area: __________________________________________
What type of residence do you have? (house, apt, condo, manufactured home, etc)
Do you own or rent your home? __________________________________________

Living Arrangements:

Where will your dog stay when no one is home during the day?_________________
For how many hours & how often?_________________________________________

Will your dog have the run of the house? ___________________________________

If your dog is confined, where will he/she stay?______________________________

Will he use a crate? Where will it be located? _______________________________

Where will your dog sleep? _____________________________________________
Will he be allowed on the furniture? ______________________________________

When you travel, where will your dog stay? ________________________________


Your Veterinarian:_______________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________    State: ________  Zip: ______________

Groomer Reference: _______________________  Telephone: ___________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________    State: ________  Zip: ______________

Personal Reference: _______________________________ Telephone: ____________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________    State: ________ Zip: _______________

Are you prepared to make a donation to our rescue organization?  Each ADT takes almost $300 to rescue.  We never turn down an application because of the lack of funds, but we sure could use the help!

Signature: ___________________________________  Date: _____________________

Please Return the completed application to:
Thank you for your application.  One of our volunteers will contact you to set up a convenient time for a pre-acceptance visit to your home.  Please understand that follow-up phone calls and house visits are routinely made to insure that all is well with the adopted Airedale.  We reserve the right to refuse placement.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This will be my last post on this subject until I have a follow up story to give you.   I am still talking to reporters about the pet killing spree in Citronelle, Alabama and I will continue to do that. But I know some of you can't bear to hear about it all the time, so if you want updates after this, please email me and I'll let you know how it is going.

The reporter I contacted today, Blake Brown from WKRG TV, said he spoke to the Citronelle chief of police yesterday but the chief didn’t have any answers. The chief said he is looking at 3 people but nothing has happened yet. Blake said he will continue to check with the police chief.


My frustration level over this situation is so high, I can’t begin to describe it. I’m sure you all feel helpless and frustrated, too. It’s inconceivable to me that, in a community with such a small population to deal with, the police don’t have any answers yet. I want to drive over to Citronelle myself, and just ride around looking for suspicious behavior.

I guess prevention is our best defense to keep this kind of sociopath crime down in our own towns. While I am not a political activist, I do sometimes visit the ASPC website. They have some suggestions on how to stay informed in your neighborhood by creating a neighborhood community watch program.

The ASPC website says that an animal is abused every 10 seconds.

They suggest building a team of neighbors to get to know the animals in your area, who their owners are and where they live. Pay attention to the animals’ living conditions and external health condition. If you see a bad situation getting worse, ask the person if he or she needs help with vet bills. Many churches now have animal ministry programs and know of vets who will provide services at reduced rates.

If you notice pets are disappearing from your neighborhood, talk to the residents and find out if anyone else has noticed and what they think is happening. Sometimes animals do stray from home.

Keep an eye out for suspicious activity: unfamiliar vehicles that cruise the area, strangers who pay unwarranted attention to neighbor’s pets. Together, your small team can prevent animal abuse, pets being stolen from their back yards, and even neglect. Pay Attention to what is going on!

Finally, please don’t be afraid to make phone calls. Let your local police department or mayor’s office know that you are starting a neighborhood watch program. Ask them to help by giving you suggestions on how to proceed. Call your local government representatives, Congress-people and your State Senators. Their contact information is readily available online. Get the phone numbers of everyone you need to call when you see an animal abuse/cruelty problem and distribute fliers with those phone numbers on every doorstep in your neighborhood. Put them in vet offices and grooming salons. And if you see something bad happening, let local news people know, too. They are your biggest resources for making the larger community aware of what is going on, especially if you think the law enforcement agencies aren’t doing enough to stop animal cruelty.

PREVENT animal abuse by letting people know that you won’t tolerate it. Right now, that seems to be all we can do.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last week we told you about the heinous dognappings/killings/mutilations taking place in Citronelle, Alabama.( 

As of Friday, October 21st, two more dogs had been found dead, apparently from poisoning. After seeing nothing in our local newspaper over the weekend and no online updates this morning, I wrote to the reporter who broke the story originally and asked her for an update. Here is her response:

"As of right now, there is no update. I just got off the phone with the Sheriffs Office and hopefully they will have something soon. The second information comes along I will post it to the web and it will be on FOX10 News. Thank you for your concern and hopefully we will have some good news soon!"

Yes, hopefully we will. In the meantime, should any of our Readers want to check on the progress of the investigation personally, here is contact information for the Mobile, AL Sheriff's Office, the Citronelle Police Department, and the County Commissioner's Office.

Deputy Josh Rhodes,
Citronelle Police Department: no email address was located, however, you can TELEPHONE them at:
(251) 866-5527
And the telephone number for the Mobile County Commissioner's office in Citronelle is 251-866-3163.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Other Costumes at the Party

Mom finally revived enough to upload a few more pickshures from the party for you to see. We'll save the winner of the costume contest for last! The winning costume was made by the mom of the dog wearing it and she was dressed to match, 
Sort of. You'll see.

There were two liddle dogs 
dressed up as a witch and a pirate. The witch
one was a shihtzu mix and the pirate one 
was a sheltie. Everybuddy thought they were cute.

There was another princess there, 
dressed in purple like Maizie.
I like GRRLs with long legs, though.

And this guy was supposed to be a Fire Chief. 
He wuzzent vewwy happy about being 
at the party. Can you tell?

And then there was THIS guy.
He was a Newfoundland (bbiigg dog)
dressed up like a stegosaurus 
dinosaur! Can you see the scales on the costume? 

Don't know if you can tell
from the photos but his
costume was paw-some!
He won the contest.
Bro said that was because the Newfie's 
mom was dressed like Tarzan's mate.
Might have had sumpen to do wid it.
But it was a really really cool costume anyway!

Can't wait to do it again next year! Only next year I ain't going as a dumb reluctant Leprechaun. I'm gonna pick out my own costume. If y'owl have any suggestions, let me know as soon as you can becuz it'll take Mom a whole year to 
get around to making it. 


Saturday, October 22, 2011


We went to the Halloween party at PetSmart today. Except they call it "Howl-o-ween"! There were LOTS of dogs there and even some really really nice hoomans who don't have their own dogs but they come every year and bring folding chairs to watch the doggie games. We did a couple of rounds of musical sits, and then musical downs, and then there was a costume contest. which I diddent win because I kept taking my hat off. Mom said I was a "reluctant Leprechaun". Whatever. I still had a bunch of fun and made some new friends and renewed some old acquaintenancez. We had cookies and biscuits speshully made just for us and there were a few that were for hoomans, too. Of course, Mom had her iPhone so that she could bring pickshures home for you to see.

Who is dat behind da hat??

Yep, iss me!

Princess Maizie came in looking regal. 
Notice her purple wig!

And she curtseyed to me!
( I think I am in love)

Bro was a pony.
Can you see the hand-stitched saddle
he's wearing?

Mom has more pickshures of other dogs that were there but she said she is too wiped out to upload any more today OR to take any more dictashun from me. So Dad iss ordering pizza and we are all gonna sack out in front of the TV and watch some college football tonight. Hope you all have a Howling Halloween too!


Friday, October 21, 2011


Mom woke me up this morning and said we were going to have some fun today. We got in the car and zoomed away while Maggie howled and the other Hooligans tried to ignore her. When Mom turned the car onto Business Park Drive, I sat straight up because I knew where we were! We were going to work!

When we got there, I sniffed around and decided to lie down in the middle of the doorway to Mom's office. It seemed like a good place to be; I could see people coming from all directions and alert Mom to them.

But then I met Miss Paula and she said if I was gonna be at work today,
I needed to work today. Huh?

So she showed me the copy machine and the desk
where she wanted me to spend the day.

To which I replied, "NOT THIS BROWN DOG!"

"I'm gonna work the way Mom does!"

Got my coca cola, got my smart phone. That's all the work I'm gonna do today.


Thursday, October 20, 2011


But you should read it and if anything like this ever happens in your community, make sure the news reporters keep after the story. The town where this abuse is occurring has a population of  only about 3,659, according to the 2000 Census. It's hard to believe that the police department of such a small area has no idea who the perpetrator is and can't -- or won't -- say when an arrest will be made in the case. I have emailed the reporter who broke the story and asked her for a follow up article.


Dogs found mutilated, two more missing

Updated: Tuesday, 18 Oct 2011, 10:03 PM CDT
Published : Tuesday, 18 Oct 2011, 10:03 PM CDT
CITRONELLE, Ala. (WALA) - Police in Citronelle said someone is mutilating family pets. There have been seven dogs found so far around Russell Road, and there are two more reported missing.
Citronelle Police Chief Shane Stringer said nine pets have been taken right out of people's yards. Seven of them have been found.
"One of the dogs had been decapitated. The other dog had its throat slit. While investigating those cases, we’ve had three other dogs that had been killed. One of those appeared to be poisoned and the ears cut off. The other two appeared to just be poisoned,” said Stringer.
They are shocking discoveries that are scaring citizens like Mary Vise who has dogs of her own.
"They are my family. Yeah, they are my babies,” said Vise.
Vise can’t imagine why someone would do such a thing.
"I don't know if they are doing it in reaction from the devil because you don't know,” said Vise.
Janine Woods is the Executive Director of the Mobile SPCA. She said in her experience, people who commit such acts are either psychotic or dangerously angry.
"They lash out on animals very often because, more likely than not, they will get away with it, or the animal is not going to be able to defend itself,” said Woods.
Woods said police need to look at the fact that the majority of serial killers have a history of animal mutilation or animal cruelty.
“One thing you need to look at in a case like this is that every serial killer that has ever come along has been accused of or has done some sort of animal abuse or animal mutilation before they were caught or before they got old enough to be a serial killer,” said Woods.
It's a fact Stringer is not taking lightly.
"That’s a major concern of the police department. Hopefully, we will be able to catch who's doing this soon and put a stop to it before it gets worse,” said Stringer.
Stringer said he received a report of another dog found decapitated 15 minutes away in Calvert. He can’t help but think they are connected.
Woods said whoever is responsible could serve jail time if it is a felony. Animal cruelty is only a felony if it is proven the person acted intentionally and maliciously. Woods said that shouldn't be a problem in this case.
First, police have to catch them. Right now, Stringer said they have no leads but have put extra patrols in the area and are doing everything they can. There’s also a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.
Call Citronelle Police at 251-866-5527 if you have any information.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Does your dog sleep with her eyes open? We do!





Shhhh! Let sleeping dogs lie!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Remember this photo of Maizie's right ear that 
we showed you about a week ago?

This next photo shows how much things have improved!

Maizie's new mom has been spraying both ears 
with colloidal silver every day. Isn't the difference a-MAIZing?

Monday, October 17, 2011


Special Report from Mom of Hooligans

Since we are working to put a few pounds on Miss Maizie, I thought I would tell you about Satinballs. I think the recipe started with people rescuing puppy mill dogs, who were malnourished due to neglect. The recipe has been on the internet for years and I have personally used it, successfully, to help several of my skinny foster dogs gain a little weight when they’ve first come to stay with me. This recipe is commonly shared on rescue email lists. It puts weight on and it makes their coats glossy. “Satinballs” is a full diet designed to be used short term (like maybe a week to ten days), however, as always, discuss with your vet the Satin Ball Recipe or any other dietary change before giving it to your foster dog.


10lbs regular (not lean) hamburger, 1 box Quaker Oatmeal (not instant)
10 eggs, including shells, 1 ¼ cups unsulfured Molasses (regular 12oz jar)
2 large boxes regular TOTAL breakfast cereal
1 jar Wheatgerm (regular, not 'flavored'), 1 ¼ cup Peanut Oil
10 small packages regular (plain) Knox gelatin
and a pinch salt (actually about ¼ teaspoon)

Mix it up like a meat loaf. Then make up about ½ cup patties, flatten with your hand and freeze flat on a waxed paper layers on a cookie sheet. This way, once frozen, they can be separated and packaged in zip locking freezer bag and they won't stick together once they are frozen.
Thaw overnight in refrigerator.

Must be fed raw, but can be slightly warmed in the Microwave on 'defrost' or 'pastry' for a second or two to take the chill off and peak the aroma. Small breeds 1-2 patties a day in addition to regular diet. Medium breeds 3-5 a day and large breeds up to 10 a day, if you are using the ½ cup measurement. Because of high fat content, NOT recommended for Pancreatic dogs nor dogs w/ diabetes. This recipe is only for dogs that are generally healthy except for malnutrition due to lack of food. ALWAYS GET VETERINARY ADVICE BEFORE CHANGING A DOG’S DIET AS THERE MAY BE ENDOCRINE OR OTHER MEDICAL PROBLEMS AT WORK THAT YOU HAVEN’T BEEN MADE AWARE OF PRIOR TO FOSTERING.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Maizie and her foster Bro are best friends now. They do everything together and we do mean "everything". Their most recent habit is to share their crate together. And we have a pickshure to prove it! Now, don't worry about Maizie's ears being down in the photo. All it means is that she doesn't like the camera. She'll warm up to that. She has to. 
Wanna know why? 

Becuz the foster family has deesided to keep Maizie forever and forever! 

But you probably knew that was gonna happen, diddint you? <G>

Now that's something to howl about!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

aMAZING MAIZIE - photos of a work in progress

Your heart will be lifted by these photos. She is coming out of her shell, her appetite is slowly growing AND she is drinking water from a bowl. It's Good.

In this photo, she is "play bowing" to her new brother,
telling him she feels like interacting with him.

This may look like aggression, but it isn't.
Airedales love to play "bitey face". Look at
Bro: he's bowing back to her.

And finally, Maizie is so happy that
she runs away in a silly scamper
across the back yard.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TODAY is dedicated to OUR JACK

We thought this is a good day to share some pickshures of Jack, age 13, getting love from Dad. There are several of them, so we hope you don't get tired of looking at them. The last one really tells the story.

Hey Dad! Glad you are home!

Could you give me a little ear massage, please?

oooh YEAH!

that's what I'm talking 'bout!

happy sigh!

That was pawsome, Dad!

I love you!

Monday, October 10, 2011


New pickshures of Maizie with her new brother. She's still not eating very much and she won't drink water. We are trying stinky canned dog food (the first ingredient listed is water!) and also trying apple juice mixed with water. Cross your fingers that she drinks it because we don't really want to have to hydrate her using bags of fluids and needles. That would traumatize her more, and she is just beginning to wag her tail an itty witty bit. Enjoy the pickshures! And please keep the good thoughts coming Maizie's way!

It might look like aggression, but it's not!
She is sniffing her new Bro and he is laughing at her.

This is Maizie with her new Bro.
When she gains the proper amount of weight,
she'll look alot like him.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Today Mom went to the north part of the state to pick up another rescued dog. She was rescued from a really really bad situation of neglect. She is awfully skinny because she hasn't been fed well and she is afraid of just about everything  because she has never been out of the backyard since she was a puppy and nobuddy ever spent any time with her. Mom left our house at 7:30 this morning to go get Maizie and she got home about 8:00 tonight. Here are some pickshures of Maizie. The last pickshure might make you sad, but Mom  told me to tell you that Maizie's ears are being treated with antibiotics and they will be okay.

Tonight Maizie is safe inside a house for the first time in her life. She has already learned about getting a massage from Mom and about lying down on a big soft floor pillow. And Mom put several drops of Bach Rescue Remedy in the water bowl because it is good for helping hoomans and animals get de-stressed. Maizie hasn't eaten anything yet, because she is still getting acklimmated, but we expect she will want some breakfast tomorrow morning because she hasn't had any food all day today. It was a long ride in the car and Maizie stood up the entire time. She is zonked out now and we hope she stays asleep all night. 

She is as tall as I am but she weighs 25 pounds less than I do.

At first, she was scared to walk on the vinyl floor.

She is scared of everything.

Both of her ears look like this. She was living outside 
and flies were chewing on her ears.

Remember, now, she looks really skinny and sad in the pickshures, but she is going to be JUST FINE. So y'owl don't need to worry about her. Maizie is safe for the rest of her life because a kind hooman knew that animals deserve better than to be neglected and ignored. Mom said, would you please make a donation to your local no-kill animal shelter, please, so that more animals like Maizie can be saved and healed and protected. Thanks.  Duke.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Dear doG Trainer of Hooligans,
Okay, I realize I'm probably being really dense here, but I've read instructions on clicker training, but...I don't get it. What's the point? I'm interested, because Max, my 18 month old ADT puppy, is very smart and quick to pick things up, but he has puppy ADHD, and I know that some folks have had good luck with clicker training. But I don't see the advantage.

I click and treat, until he associates the two (on weeks when he's not afraid of the clicker, that is <g>). Then I start clicking for behaviors...when he sits on command, I click as his butt touches the floor. And then what? I don't really understand the advantage. Or am I just over-thinking it? Is it just a way, beyond 'yes!' or 'good job!' to tell him he's done the right behavior? And how long is this puppy fear stage THING going to last anyway????


Dear Tess,

This is something we will need to work on together instead of discussing in an email, so that I can show you the impressive results clicker training will give you. Where clicker training really helps the most is in shaping the kind of behavior you want from your doG. Ditto talking about fear stages. Let’s make an appointment for next weekend, as I will be out of town this weekend picking up another rescue dog.

Mom of Hooligans

And Tess replied:

Just as well, as Max spent about a week absolutely terrified of the clicker sound. That was after a week or so of clicking & treating and him being fine with it.

Yesterday, it was the plastic that I was using as a tarp and that terrifying folding card table next to the door. <g> After the 'incident' with the plastic, I had to keep going and getting him out of the living room. I'd find him just sitting up there in the middle of the room. I'd bring him back and make him sit with me in the den and give him a treat, but the minute I went back to work, he'd disappear again. And weirdly, the minute something spooks him, he remembers the 'monster with 4 arms' that sits in the ceiling. Once he's spooked about something, the ceiling fans start worrying him again even though he hasn't glanced at one for days.

Today, the 'big scary thing' was a firetruck.

I wonder if I'm getting a reputation for being 'not quite right' in the neighborhood. I wonder what people think when Max and I walk around and around some object, or stand for minutes, doing nothing, beside a traffic cone. <g> "Look at that! She must be high again. You should see it. She just zones out and stands there, staring off into space. And that dog is so good. He just stands there with her. Sometimes, the poor thing tries to get her to take him home. But no matter how hard he pulls, she's just gone."