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Friday, June 10, 2011

All's Well That Ends Well

Jack stayed on the rug in Dad's office most of yesterday because his left front leg was hurtin' sumpen terrible. He only really has two good legs now. His back right leg has a blown ACL and he has bad arthritis in the right front let. Most of the time he hops around pretty good for a 13 yr old guy but yesterday was a 3 Rimadyl day. He couldn't put any weight at all on his front leg. Mom was sad and she cried a little bit.

But when Dad got home from work, he coaxed the Jackman into the den and they lay down together while Dad watched "Jeopardy" and told Jack the answers before the contestants hit their buzzers.

By the time "Jeopardy" was over, Mom had finished plating up supper (pepper steak with rice) and Dad and Jack ate everything she gave them. (The rest of us were outside and didn't know what was going on or else we would have been demanding our fair share).

When they finished supper, Dad and Mom helped Jack get in the car and they took him for a ride. He sat in the front seat with Dad and hung his head out the window. He got to see some cows and a llama that live on

the farm down the road from us. SO --- Jack's day started out bad but ended up good. Mom isn't crying any more and Dad feels like a hero. Everyone at Hooligan House is smiling, and we hope you are, too!



Lori G said...

Rx: Big Love from Mom & Dad! (((Jack)))
(steak doesn't hurt either!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have very good parents Jack. We are so lucky to be with people who care so much. ARF ARF

Ms. A said...

Sounds like Jack has the same aging complaints we hoomans do.

Yum-Yum said...

wow, Jack, i gotz sumpin in my back and it foozing together and last night mom heard me cry and she started to cry so 1) i understand and 2) way to go for scoring some of that dinner! Squee, a guine-- a doggy gotta do what a doggy gotta do!