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Friday, June 17, 2011

How To Beat The Heat

Dad went to Hot ‘Lanta this week on business. Except that it wasn’t hot. While we were sweating a heat index of 110 degrees, he was lolling around (is that the right word, Mom? The one you told Ruthie?) in 67 degree rainy weather. We had a few minutes of rain earlier this week (just enough  for Maggie to get muddy) and then the drought came back.

It was so hot here at Hooligan House that our little crooked creek went dry.

It was so hot that Buddy dug a hole about 3 feet deep under Great Great Aunt Sarah’s rosebush. She was related to Jesse James and Dad’s rose grew from a cutting off her original rosebush up in Gilbertown. Buddy doesn’t know that Dad gets really mad when we mess with that rose, but he’s gonna find out tomorrow when Dad goes out there to cut grass. Me and Maggie know better.

Mom says I’m getting off the subject.

It was so hot here that the butterflies wouldn’t come to the butterfly bush. And Maggie didn’t even raise an ear at the squirrel who stole food from the outside bowl. Instead, Maggie went under the deck and dug her own hole. If Dad ever goes under the deck again, he’s gonna be really really mad because there are more Airedale bunkers than I can count under there.

I didn’t go under the deck. I stayed in front of the door and put on my best “I am pitiful” expression until Mom relented and let me back inside the house. If Maggie and Buddy would rather pant outside in that 110 – breathing alert – ozone alert air, let ‘em have at it. I stayed out just long enough to lift my leg and make Mom feel sorry for me.

Who could resist this face?



Ms. A said...

This heat is kicking butt! I think about you doggies, every time I step outside and come back in smelling like a wet dog. Unfortunately, no wet, other than the high humidity, is involved. We.need.rain.desperately!

gmarch53 said...

Dear Hooligans, you can come up here to Ohio and splash in all the mudpuddles your lil hearts desire!

You are cordially invited, gmarch53

JKW said...

Absolutely NO resisting that face. Blessings, Janet (JanKW)

Lori G said...

Just tell Maggie & Buddy to use that same face when Dad gets home. You're a pro Duke!
Take extra special care in that heat, (and dig, dig, dig.....shhhhhhh)
Popie ♥