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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Training A Rescued Adult Dog

Mom of Hooligans here! We've already had a breakthrough in GG's housetraining, so I thought that in today's blog, I'd share with you how we're handling this.

We use two leashes, one six feet long and the other at least ten feet long. While GG is in the house, I keep the six foot leash snapped to her collar and tethered to my belt. That way, I know where she is at all times and can read the signals she throws out when she is ready to go potty. If I am going to be doing something that will make it inconvenient to have her tethered to me, she goes into her crate until I am finished and then she comes out to be tethered to me again. Not only is this helpful in learning her body language, but it will help her develop some socialization she may be lacking from her time on the streets and in a shelter.

When I take GG outdoors to go potty, I put the long leash on her and take her to the same area each time. Many newly adopted dogs don’t want to “go” in front of their new humans. The longer leash gives GG a sense of not being right under my eye while she takes care of private business. I praise lavishly every time GG potties outdoors. We are associating the word "potty" for urination and the word "poo" for the other business. And, for the record, if your dog makes a mistake in the house, it’s your fault, not hers. This training process should only take a few days. GG made her housetraining breakthrough night before last (the very first afternoon we used the tethering technique) and we know she is going to be completely successful!

Monday, January 23, 2012


This is "GG". She is the new foster Grrl at Hooligan House. GG was picked up by something Mom calls 'the pound' in a little town waaaay up in north Alabama. A smart lady at the pound headquarters realized GG is an Airedale and she emailed Airedale Rescue. Mom made a few phone calls and sent out some requests for help on facebook, and some Grrrreat Volunteers stepped up to help drive GG to the Gulf Coast. GG arrived at our house last Friday night. Mom says Miss Danielle and Miss Michelle and Miss Aimee have earned a special place in Heaven because of their help with animal rescue.

We don't know anything about GG's history; she isn't telling us. We do know that she isn't housetrained yet, she doesn't know any obedisense commands and she is about 3 years old. She also needs to be fixed. Whatevah that is. Mom made an appointment for that to happen this Thursday. GG is smaller than us Hooligans are. She weighs about 20 pounds less than our Maggie and is a little bit shorter. She is a standard size Airedale Terrier. Dad said she is dainty looking and elegant and that she is better bred than we are. Mom slapped his head with a rolled up magazine when he said it.

No one ever called the pound to see if they had picked up an Airedale and no ads were put in any newspapers about her. Mom doesn't think GG had ever been in a house before she came to us. She doesn't know how to play and everything in the house startles her: the air conditioning coming on, the icemaker dropping ice, the doorbell. She didn't even know what a television was!

She's gonna stay with us for awhile and we're gonna turn her into a regular Hooligan --- uh, I mean, Airedale.  I bet it won't take long.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

He Likes It!

Just wanted to yowl know that The Duke is enjoying his new crate. We have been putting his food dish beside it at meal times, and when he finishes eating, he goes straight to his new pad for a nap. We will try to get a good photo of the newly decorated man cave to post for you this weekend. WOOF!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Duke's new crate has arrived. It weighs 125 pounds. 
Dad needed a furniture dolly to get it into the house. 

Jack checks it out to be sure it is a first class crate.

The new crate gets the Gentleman Jack Seal of Approval!

Dad puts it all together while Mom watches.

And Duke takes his first nap in his new crate,
with the door open and a comfy new pad on the floor. Mom thinks
the crate looks like a Hansel & Gretel cage. But the look doesn't seem
to be bothering Duke. Or any of the other Hooligans, either. 
Everyhooly took a turn lying down in it and they all seemed to like it just fine.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am at work today, again, and guess what? The new crate was delivered to Mom's office this morning. IT IS BIG and HEAVY. One of the guys who works in the warehouse came in and said, "Hey Duke, that cage could hold a lion! I don't think you're going to be able to tear that one up! Guess you won't be coming to the office as much now."

I grunted at him. That's the only response he deserved. Then I turned my back on everybody and put my head down. I am going to sleep for awhile and not think about that new crate. But I do have an important question for you.

Does this pickture make my butt look big?

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Mom caught a ride to the hospital in an ambulance last Wednesday night. She spent two nights and had some tests done. Now she is home and feeling just fine except for the heart monitor thing she has to wear for the next 27 days. WOOF!

I am sticking close beside her, as you can see from the next photo.
Where Mom sleeps, I sleep.
And so far, Dad hasn't argued. Much.

 My new crate should arrive sometime next week. Mom and Dad are making
some changes in the dog den so that each of us Hooligans will have
our own wall for our own crate. I wish they'd paint the walls, too. I'm tired of that
dark blue. Mom says it makes the room cooler in summer.
But Mom...  it isn't summer right now.