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Saturday, June 9, 2012


It's 2 am and the Duke just woke me from a very sound sleep. He wanted his Thundershirt NOW, please. And sure enough, we are having lightning but I couldn't hear any thunder.

Nevertheless, as a good Mom, I trudged blearily into the dog den and managed to locate his blue-with-white-stripes shirt. Managed to get it on him, just in time to hear the first crack of thunder.

Within three minutes, he was lying contentedly on the floor. Now he is asleep, with the rest of the Hooligans, while the thunder rolls and rolls.
And I am wide awake.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Lots of people entered our fundraiser drawing and we want to express our heartfelt appreciation to all of you. Because of your donations, the vet bill for Cammie/GG was paid off and we were able to reimburse one of her transport chauffeurs for the fuel she spent driving from Florence to Guntersville to Montgomery so that Cammie could hitch a ride south with a Judge. We were also able to purchase a crate for a rescue 'dale named Sensai who is being fostered in New Orleans. Over six hundred dollars was raised through YOUR generosity and through the generosity of our dear friend Linda, the Artist with the big, big heart. Linda is a real Airey-Godmother, and I know that the winner of the fundraiser, 

Susan Mayer

is going to be thrilled with her magical pet portrait that Linda has lovingly offered to do!

Congratulations Susan! You were the first one to send in your entry. May your gift return to you many times over!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A week and a half ago, our hoomans found four black puppies in our driveway. They were trying to climb through the fence. Naturally, Mom brought them into the yard so they would be safe. She kept them in the chain link kennel in the back yard until she could get them to the vet to make sure they weren't sick. She didn't want us to be around anything contagious. Dr. M said they were okay to be around other dogs. He treated them for hookworms and said they just need a little weight. They are malnourished (that means SKINNY).

Mom put information on her Facebook page and within a couple of days, all the puppies had been placed in permanent homes. We thought. Then one of them came back to our house because someone in the new family was allergic to her. So we have "Pinky" back at Hooligan House. And she is taking the name of our house very seriously. She howled most of last night. It was her first time spending the night in a crate. She was in the dog den with Jack and Sissy. The rest of us haven't met her yet. I guess that will happen tonight.

Pinky is black all over except for a wee tiny white dot on her chest. She's some kind of All American Mixed Breed, that likely has a little Labrador Retriever somewhere in the background. Mom says Pinky is smaller and daintier looking than a purebred Lab. She is around four months old. We will be keeping her until she gets adopted. That means alot of commotion and howling at Hooligan House, including bouncing and play-biting with puppy teeth. We are going to have a blast!

Dad says things could be worse. He says the other three could have come back with Pinky. How could that be a bad thing? Sounds like Hooligan Heaven to me!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Missed Me? Missed Me? Now You Have to Kiss Me!

We have been on an extended stay-cation instead of a vacation. There have been new multiple health issues going on with the humans at Hooligan House, and things are just now beginning to settle down into a new "normal".  All Hooligans are as fine and funny as when we left you, and we have missed you very much. Sometimes the Universe throws out a big splat of a wake-up call and when that happens, everything else has to be put aside for awhile. But, we're back!

AND -- right now there are four new Hooligans at our House! We are excited and happy but Mom and Dad are... not as excited and happy. Someone dropped off four little black puppies in our driveway yesterday. They are around ten or twelve weeks old. There's no way to tell what kind of mix they are so we are calling them All American Mutts. We are taking them to the vet tomorrow for health exams and Mom is hyperventilating at the thought of how much this is all going to cost. But we have a great vet who is willing to let our humans make weekly payments on the bill. So, maybe all is not as bad as it first seemed.

We are looking for puppy raisers. Those are well balanced people who are willing to raise a puppy the right way and teach it basic obedience skills and give it lots of positive socialization opportunities. Puppy raisers are not easy to find. On Friday, Mom and a couple of her friends are going to do some preliminary aptitude testing to see if any of the wee hooligans might be suitable for assistance dog training. We'll update the blog about that over the weekend.

In the meantime, we hope you are all happy, healthy, and hooligan-ing all over the place. Big Woofs & Licks from our House to Yours!


Monday, April 23, 2012


Question: My dog has growled a few times when we try and move/scoot her over. What should I do to correct this?

Answer: If you think your dog is just testing you and isn't thinking about biting, the best thing to do is to toss a treat on the floor so that she has motivation to relinquish "her" spot. As soon as she gets up, you or whoever should plop themselves right where she was lying. Have her do a "down-stay" for a couple of minutes and release her with a "good grrrrllll!!"

Caveat: if she is doing this in your bed, you need to immediately stop her from getting on any furniture at all. Dogs with possessive issues don't deserve to be on YOUR furniture. They must earn that privilege.

If you think she's trying to be bossy over y'all, or that she might be thinking about snapping at you, it is absolutely okay to squirt her full in the mouth with Listerine. And then put her in a down stay at your feet for about 3 minutes. Again, she must remain in the down-stay until you release her.

Girls are so sassy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Mom got me a new rope.

I flossed my teeth with it.

Then I chewed on my blue & white
squeaky zebra

 That zebra wore me down.

Time for a nap break.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Have we ever told you Buddy's story?

Three years ago, during what passes for an ice storm here on the Gulf Coast, someone dropped Buddy on the road near our house. We found him the next morning. The temperature was way way below freezing and the rain had turned to sleet and there was this wet, shivering black pit bull terrier huddled up on the outside of our gate.

We had to keep him separate from the other Hooligans until we could get him to the vet for a check-up. That took a couple of days because of work schedules and the local vet's office being closed for the weekend. But he finally had his health exam and  got scheduled for the Important Surgical Procedure all the other dogs have survived. And then, we talked it over and decided that we couldn't in good conscience put a pit bull with unknown history up for adoption. So he became a permanent resident of Hooligan House and Dad's special "Buddy".  He sleeps in Dad's lap and licks the grandkids clean when they come over to play, and he generally just ambles amiably through life. He's a Good Dog and keeping him was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

There were some areas where he needed help, like all rescued dogs need. For instance, he would not walk on the vinyl floor in the kitchen. It was NOT going to happen, no matter how much stinky canned food we put down on the floor to try to tempt him. Buddy sank to his belly and refused to move. That shiny expanse of slippery floor was just too scary for a dog who had never lived in a house. So we got some cheap carpet runners and put them about two feet apart from each other, and made him a red carpet runway to the kitchen. That did the trick, and gradually we moved the rugs farther and farther away from each other until one day there was no more runway. 

Rescue dogs do come with issues. And rescue volunteers and temporary foster parents often don't have the time to research what to do to help the dogs. Shelters have to move dogs into adoption or foster as quickly as possible to make room for new dogs that need help. Sometimes, dogs are adopted out who just aren't ready to deal with the environment of a family situation. That can be big Trouble. Recently, a couple of the local rescue groups here have contacted me with questions about how best to help some of their new canine residents who came from particularly neglectful backgrounds. I'm working with them and the foster parents involved are wonderful people who want to do whatever it takes to help the dogs acclimate to living with loving humans.

Not everyone can adopt a dog and the reasons vary. Most often, people can't afford an adoption fee and vet bills. But if you have a place in your heart and home where a newly rescued dog could be temporarily fostered through his issues until he is ready for adoption ---- what a wonderful gift that would be for everyone. Imagine helping a dog learn to trust that the outstretched hand of a human means something fun is about to happen. That a shiny floor or a doorbell are not really scary things. That another dog sniffing him is not cause for alarm. Teaching a dog how to play with a toy. Teaching him what a dog treat is. And even teaching him that it's perfectly acceptable for him to eat his food from a bowl instead of the ground.

Imagine the joy and the feelings of accomplishment you would experience. Yes, it hurts to send them off to their new adoptive homes, but the tears are rewarding ones. You have done important work and you know this dog has changed from being fearful and shy to being the confident, relaxed and, hopefully, mischievous critter God intended him to be.

One dog at a time. It's special work and it's not easy work.
 But it's Good Work.

Dad and his lap dog, Buddy

Friday, April 6, 2012


Just a quick head's up:

Diamond Pet Foods is voluntarily recalling its Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal
and Rice dry dog food because it may be contaminated with salmonella.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


There are lots of different kinds of Hooligans in the world. There’s Little Giz in Florida, and Popie up in Yankee Land. And there are the Hooli-guinapigs in Bellingham. I think there’s even a c@t somewhere that Mom calls a Signifi-Cat, who is a Hooligan. His name is Cujo. I don’t think we’ll ever get together but I’m okay with him being in the club. Being Anofficial Hooligan just means you have a Hooligan spirit. You get into mischief just for the sheer joy of it. Because you can’t not get into the mischief. If you understand that feeling, you’re a Hooligan too.

Mom and Dad went to N’awlins the other day to see a whole lotta Hooligans that are from the same dog family our Buddy is. There’s an Animal Planet show about this pit bull terrier sanctuary that just moved from California to N’awlins. It’s called Pit Bulls and Parolees. The Grand Opening of their place was last weekend. Mom and Dad took them some food and some money and spent the day touring Villalobos.

There are over 150 pit bull terriers there. Lots of them are ready to be adopted and they are GOOD dogs, happy and loving and playful like Buddy. Here are some pickshures of a couple of them. And you can find out more about them at


Next time the ‘rents go to N’awlins, it will be to visit a new foster Airedale named Godwin. He was transported from Tuscaloosa to Meridian to N’awlins and is staying with a family that was really really excited to get him. Here’s a pickshure of Godwin. He didn’t come to stay with us but he’s part of the Hooligan House family anyway.

Y’owl have a good week! And watch out for Hooliganism.
April is a good month for it!


Friday, March 30, 2012


In 1881, an Airedale Terrier named Bruce began
the canine hooliganization of America.

Famous Airedale Terrier people have included:

President Calvin Coolidge
President Teddy Roosevelt
President Warren Harding
President Woodrow Wilson
Actor John Wayne
Actress Bo Derek
Author Edgar Rice Burroughs
Author John Steinbeck
Best quote about an Airedale Terrier:
“The Airedale” declared Teddy Roosevelt, “can do anything any other dog can do, and then lick the other dog,
if he has to.”


Thursday, March 29, 2012


Several days ago, we told you about the pet portrait fundraiser we are doing for ALAiredale Rescue, and showed you a jpg of the portrait that Artist Linda S. Young did of My Jack so that you could see a sample of her work. It was beautiful. Mom put the jpg on her iphone so every time she picks up her phone, she can see Jack.

It’s hard to judge the quality of a painting by looking at a jpg, but Mom and daughter Amanda thought they could see an aura shining softly around Jack. They couldn’t bear having to wait to see the real artwork. But they did have to wait. Ms. Linda was sending it to us by Fedex. Because we live on a skinny road way deep in the woods where trucks can’t turn around, Mom told Ms. Linda to have Jack’s portrait delivered to Amanda’s house in town. It was supposed to arrive within 2 business days.

Day Two came and we missed the Fedex delivery lady. WAILS OF WOE and GGROWLY GNASHING OF TEETH ensued throughout the Hooligan nation.

We missed Fedex on Day Three too! What the heck?? Is that delivery lady waiting around the corner to see when Amanda has to run pick up the kids from skrewell???

The painting finally arrived, perfectly packaged and intact and Mom went speeding from her office to get it. She was panting with excitement. When she got home with it, we all crowded around for the great unveiling.

Okay, here’s where we let Mom describe it to you. She says to tell you that  Ms. Linda has a spiritual talent and that the painting expresses Jack’s noble, loving spirit perfectly. Mom says to tell you, she cried when she saw it.

For a $5.00 donation, you can register to win a portrait by Ms. Linda of your own pet. The proceeds all go to benefit ALAiredale Rescue (Alabama Airedale Rescue Coalition, has the details). The fundraiser goes through June 1st, 2012. The winner will be announced on the website. You can purchase as many chances as you like. What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012


"My Jack"
portrait by Linda S. Young

My Jack (aka Gentleman Jack aka Jack Daniels, aka The Jackman) came to live at Hooligan House in 2002. He was approximately 2 years old and was in rescue. We fostered him and the rest is history. A canine DNA test done a couple of years ago confirmed that Jack is an Airedale Terrier – German Shepherd mix. He has the amazing learning quickness and temperament of ADTs and the loyalty and steadfastness of German Shepherds. Jack is a most wonderful doG in all ways. He's a retired therapy dog and service dog. And he’s the one who turned us on to Airedale Terriers and got us into Airedale Terrier Rescue.

So, it’s only fitting that Jack is the poster doG for AlAiredale Rescue. As we go forward with our rescue efforts, we increasingly see the need for fundraising efforts. We have expenses like fuel for transportation, shelter fees when we pull a dog from a “pound” situation, health exams, heartworm treatment, vaccinations, and all that other behind-the-scenes stuff that is necessary to get a rescue doG ready for adoption. Most of it, we provide from our own funds. Occasionally, we receive donations from lovely people who deeply want to be part of a happy story like GG’s.

A friend of ours has graciously offered to donate her talent and time and energy to help us with a fundraiser. She is an Artist with a huge heart. And the winner of our fundraiser will receive a portrait of their own pet, done from a photograph they will provide. And for a donation of $5.00, your name will entered into a drawing to receive a portrait of your own pet, done from a photograph you will provide (and of course, you may enter more than once!). This painting is valued at $500.00.
All you have to do is send a check or money order for $5.00 to Muriel Donald,
P.O. Box 1121, Grand Bay, AL 36541

Or, you can go to and make a Paypal donation in the amount of $5.00. Be sure to send us an email with your name and email address when you use Paypal.

To see examples of Linda Young’s art, visit:
Linda S. Young is an award winning artist originally from Brookline, Massachusetts who now lives in Cape Cod and South Carolina. She works in Pastel, Oil Pastel and Oil. Her ability to capture the nuance of a scene has helped her win many awards including two Best in Shows. Linda is a signature member of the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod. She is a member of 21 in Truro, several Art Associations, and has been in numerous group, juried and solo shows and is in many national and international private collections. In 2012 she will be included in the book "100 Southern Artists".
   As an active member of the artistic community, she believes in helping others attain their artistic goals. Since 2002 she has been Artist Mentor through the School to Careers Partnership Art Internship program.

The winner of the ALAiredale Rescue fundraiser will be announced June 1st, 2012 on this website.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Pet Food Warning / Homemade Dog Food Recipes

ThEY PuT WHAT iN ouR FooD???

Dog Owners are Demanding Action from the FDA. One consumer reported they fed their dogs a product called Waggin' Train treats, which is produced by Nestle Purina. Nestle Purina also produces Canyon Creek Ranch treats, which some other complainants have also publicly blamed for dog illnesses and deaths. The Canyon Creek packaging has a picture of a rancher and his dog roaming a farm on the front of the bag and the company's address in South Carolina is displayed on the back of the bag. Beneath that are the words “Made in China”. You can read the entire article at
From Mom-of-Hooligans:  This happens every couple of years. It certainly seems the US FDA is falling short of making sure the pet food entering our country is safe enough for our pets to eat. So --- here are some recipes for you to make for your dogs. They come from one of my favorite websites:

Remember, YOU are the best judge of what is safe for your dog.

6 c. Water (or low-sodium broth)
1 lb. Ground beef, turkey or chicken (you don’t have to use ground meat)
2 c. Brown rice
1/2 tsp Garlic powder
1/2 tsp Dried rosemary
16 oz. Bag of assorted frozen veggies (or preferably, 2 cups fresh), thawed and/or finely chopped.  NOTE:  NO Onions!

1.  Add everything but the veggies to a large pot or dutch oven and cook on the stove on medium heat.
2.  Stir mixture until the ground meat is broken up and distributed evenly throughout the pot.
3.  Bring to a boil.
4.  Once boiling, cover and bring the heat down to low.  Simmer for 20 minutes.
5.  After 20 minutes, add veggies and cook for an additional 5 minutes or so.  The time will depend on how long it takes for the veggies to get tender.
Serve warm, not hot and make sure to let the homemade dog food cool completely before storing it in the fridge.
This dog food recipe makes about 10 cups or 5-2 cup servings depending on the size of your pooch.
It should keep in the fridge for about a week.

3/4 cup water
2 1/2 cups white flour
1/2 cup wheat flour
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup chopped spinach
1/2 cup chopped carrots
To start, combine all dry items in a mixing bowl. Combine the wet ingredients in a different bowl. Mix together the dry and wet ingredients and knead them to form dough. Next, shape small round balls of dough and poke holes in the middle of each ball to create a bagel shape. When finished making bagel balls, place them on a baking sheet and put them in an oven that has been preheated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake them for forty-five minutes.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Duke stayed out all night last night. 
This morning he met us at the back door
 with a look of sheer joy on his face. 
And some twigs in his beard.

Naturally, we had to find out where 
he had been digging for hours and hours and hours. Maggie found it first.

She decided to enter the hole. No worries, 
it's big enough to hold TWO hooligans.

See how hard Duke worked all night?
Can you imagine how much fun we're
going to have getting him clean?

IF we can ever get him to leave the hole, that is.
He's back in the thickets now, 
digging and digging and digging.
Can you see him?

We just hope the gopher tortoise
who lives in the hole in the thickets manages
to get away during the daylight hours today.
Otherwise, tonight is going to be real exciting.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Blankies Are Important!

When Cammie/GG came to us, she arrived with a yellow blanket that her chauffeur Michelle had given her. The whole time she was with us, Cammie slept on that yellow blanket in her crate. We washed it a couple of times and she waited patiently each time for it to be returned to her. She loved that blankie. So naturally when it was time for her to go to Texas, I cut out a nice sized piece of the blanket for her to take to her new home.

Upon arrival, Cammie opened her tote bag and showed her sister Lillie all the toys and treats and bowls that she'd brought with her. The yellow blankie was in the bag, and Cammie's mom put it carefully in her new crate.

Lillie and Cammie have been sharing everything: treats, toys, meals, Mom & Dad's bed --- but then Lillie decided she was going to try out the yellow blankie too. She went into the crate and sat on it. It felt very soft and it smelled like Cammie, so Lillie liked it too. But Cammie had a different take on that.

Here is Cammie, trying to pull her yellow blankie out from under Lillie!

And later that night, waaaay over in Alabama, the Duke decided
to snuggle up in the remnants of the yellow blanket. Wonder what it is about that particular blankie?


Monday, March 12, 2012


We know you all are looking forward to an update on Cammie (GG) and her adoption. It is with great joy that we report to you that Cammie is happy in her new home near Dallas, Texas. Her new sister, Lillie, is happy. Her new mom and day and human kids are happy, too. They have been sending us updates and photos all weekend.

Saturday morning began with Cammie inspecting her appearance to be sure she was ready to meet her new family. She'd had an oatmeal scented bath the night before and her fur coat was glossy and soft.

She hopped into the car happily and we started our trip to Baton Rouge. Cammie is a great traveler and she enjoys looking out the window to see the traffic passing by .

We were meeting the adoptive family at the Petsmart in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was a long ride but Cammie cuddled close to me in the back seat all the way over. She snuggled as close as she could get, and chewed on my garnet ring. And for much of the time, she held my hand.

We got to Baton Rouge about thirty minutes before her new mom and dad did, so we walked around Petsmart and gave Cammie time to sniff dog food and dog treats and look at other dogs. New Mom sent me a text message when they were close to the store, and we said our goodbyes before they arrived. I kissed Cammie several times and she licked me reassuringly. She gave Steve a farewell hug.

We all decided to handle things as quickly as possible. They signed the placement contract that says if things don't work out for some reason or if their circumstances should ever change, that Cammie will be returned to us. I handed the leash over to Stef and Wes. Steve took off in one direction. Wes & Stef gave me a beautiful pink potted camellia bush to plant for Cammie. I left FAST as they began walking Cammie in the opposite direction.

Yes, of course I cried. We stopped at Bass Pro Shop for lunch and I think I ordered everything on the menu. Including a beer. We got back in the car and I cried some more. Then Stef sent me a text message to tell me that she was sitting in the back seat with Cammie and that Cammie was snuggled up tight against her, chewing on one of Stef's rings. That made me laugh, which felt good. We had bought some fudge at Bass Pro Shop so I decided it was time to try that. We did, and it was delicious.

Cammie arrived at her new home around 7 pm Saturday night. She met her sister Lillie and the human kids. She and Lillie have shared treats and toys, and have eaten their meals in the same room without any problem. Yesterday morning they ran ran ran through the house together and played bitey-face like fiends. I think it's going to work out beautifully. What do you think?

Cammie claiming Lillie's bed

Friday, March 9, 2012


"GG", soon to be "Cammie"

We are so happy, and so sad too. Have you ever felt that way? When something so wonderful and lovely and exciting was about to happen... but there was a little corner of your heart that was aching because it was about to happen? Hooligan House is feeling that way tonight. Our GG is leaving Alabama tomorrow morning to go to her new home in Texas. We know it's the most perfect outcome that could have manifested for her and we know her new family will love her as much as we do. We know she will love them and enjoy playing with her new sister and learning new things. But we can't help it, we already miss her just a little bit. To help get past the sadness, we are going to concentrate on making the trip as comfortable and pleasant for GG as it possibly can be, and then when things have re-adjusted here at HH, we will start getting ready for the next rescue dog. Because there's always another one. And we love them all.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plastic Bowl Nasal Dermatitis

My nose is black again.

AHAH! You didn't even know it was ever not black, did you? Because Mom has been so involved with GG she didn't stop long enough to TELL you. She didn't even stop long enough to take a pickshure of my nose to show you what it looked like. So I am gonna have to put up a pickshure of a different hooligan that had the same problem. But that's okay, cause you would have been sad to see MY nose not being black.

That's what my nose was starting to look like and it just happened OVERNIGHT. One day my nose was shiny black and the next day Mom looked at it and said, "WHAT IS THAT PINK STREAK ON YOUR NOSE???"

I said, "I don't know." And she looked at it close and she said, "You are allergic to your plastic water bowl." And Dad said he never heard of such a thing. And Mom said, "That's because you aren't an expert." I guess she told him! She teases him like that alot.

Anyway, she got up and went to the store and bought three ginormous stainless steel water bowls and now we are all drinking our water out of those. She threw away the plastic ones. (We have always eaten our food from metal dishes.) It took about two weeks but now my nose is completely black again.

I thought you all would like to know about this. In case you've been using plastic bowls for your Hooligans to drink out of.


Monday, March 5, 2012


The shelter challenge vote, that is!

My friend Debbie Butler at North Carolina Airedale Rescue is in the running for a financial award from Debbie basically runs the rescue by herself and this year she has already taken in 8 Airedales, most of which are heartworm positive and require immediate treatment. NCAR really needs the $$ prize from Petfinder!
I am asking you to take 3 or minutes out of your day to vote for Debbie’s rescue group. You can vote every day until the competition is closed. Voting ends at (PT) on March 18, 2012. Every vote, every day counts - shelters can pull ahead even during the last few days with enough support
The grand prize will go to the eligible organization with the highest accumulative votes for the duration of the Challenge as specified in the rules. There are State awards too, for $1000.00.

Listed below are the links you can click on to vote every day. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the procedure. If you don’t have time to vote on all the links, please vote on as many as you can. On behalf of Debbie and her North Carolina Airedale Rescue, I thank you for your vote! Just click on a link and follow the prompts. Here's how your search info should look:

The name of the shelter should include the word "airedale" and the state is NC. Then, just click the Search button and follow the rest of the prompts.


for information about Debbie Butler and NC Airedale Rescue:

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Once upon a time there was a Aire-grrrl named Lillie who lived in Texas with her hooman mom and dad and their two kids. They had a very happy family. But Lillie wanted a four-legged sister too, and preferably, a Hooligan. So Lillie's hoomans talked to Airedale Terrier Rescue and pretty soon they found out there was a beeyouteefull Hooligan grrl waaay over there in Alabama. Her name was GG and she was looking for a family of her own.

So, the people at Texas Airedale Rescue went to meet Lillie's family and they told GG's foster family that they thought GG would be very happy in Texas. Tee shirts were picked out for both grrls to wear so that they could permeate the cotton with their own personal perfumes. The shirts will be exchanged through the mail and Alabama Airedale Rescue Coalition has tentatively scheduled GG's trip to Texas for Saturday, March 10th. GG will be lying on Lillie's tee shirt during her ride west, and Lillie will be lying on GG's tee shirt while she waits for her new sister.

And none of this, NONE OF THIS, could have been done without your help.We thank you all who read GG's story, who forwarded her information around the internet, who held happy thoughts, and who were instrumental in helping find just the right forever family for GG. We also want to thank some Airey-Godmothers who donated the much needed funds for GG to have her health exam and her spay surgery.

This isn't the end of GG's story, by a long shot. It's a happy, smiley, laughing, tail wagging, dancey chapter in the very middle. We'll keep you all updated as her story progresses. THANK YOU, AGAIN!

Lillie, with a bag of GG's favorite treats AND
a new red collar for GG.
"Hurry up, Sis!"


Deep in the heart of Texas!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


GG models her own tee shirt for the pupperotzi cam.
Hmm.... what can this mean?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

And A Good Time Was Had By All!

PetsMart was busy! Our friends Guinness and Maizie were there, and so was a little white dog named Stella that looks alot like our up-North pal Popie. GG met some puppies and some dogs that are smaller than she is and she did great! She met a few new hoomans, too, and made friends with them. We walked past the birds, the reptiles and the hamster habitats and GG didn't turn a hair at any of them. But when we went past the cats, it was a different story. WHEW! GG gave the cats some unwanted attenshun that Mom had to put a stop to because the cats didunt appreciate it.

Then we went to the grooming salon and GG got her nails done and I got lots of treats from the trainers 'cause they hadn't seen me in awhile. Mom said GG was a perfect lady in the salon. Here are some pickshures of our trip. Mom says we will go back again next weekend so that GG can meet more people and dogs. 

It was alotta fun today and we both slept alla way home but we can't wait to do it AGAIN!

pedicure in progress. See how good GG was?

meeting a Popie puppy

all tuckered out!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


TODAY we are going on ANAVENTURE! 

Me and Mom and Dad and GG are going to the pet supply store. It will be GG's first time there. She is going to get her toenails dremeled down. That ought to be fun! I can't wait to see what GG thinks about the dremel!

GG contemplates the definition of "dremel"

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Explanation

Y'all know that I, Mom of Hooligans, am a retired (mostly) dog trainer. Along with our Jack, I taught basic obedience and Therapy and Service Dogs. And y'all know that sometimes people write me with training questions. Also, my husband I do Airedale Rescue Volunteering as well as rescue of other four legged Hooligans besides Airedales. That means that we are always looking for ways to pay for extra vet bills for fosters, gas money for transport, and other things that lucky dogs need when they are rescued.

Recently, we've had alot of communications from people who want to know what kind of dog toys to buy, what books to read and things like that. We generally buy most of our books and supplies through online shopping. And we thought, this might be a nice way to raise a little money for our Rescue work. SO... deep breath here because I don't want to offend anyone....

At the bottom of our howlinghooligan blog there is now something called an "astore" ( store) that will show you book titles and dog accessories and supplies that we use for our own dogs. If you decide to buy one of these items and click through our link to do it, we will make a few dollars here and there that will add up to pay for things that our rescue work needs in order to continue.

Everything in The Happy Hooligan astore has been tested and approved either by the humans at Hooligan House or by the dogs. We hope you don't mind this commercial message.



On Feb 16th, the Howling Hooligan sent out an announcement that GG was ready for adoption. Less than 12 hours later, we received this response:

My husband and I have been loving the stories on GG’s fast progress and patiently waiting for her to be ready for adoption. We would love to adopt Miss GG. We live in Texas and have a female Airedale and two children ages 12 and 10. Please let me know what steps we need to take in order to get this ball rollin’ so Miss GG can come live in her forever home with us.

Since then, Hooligan House has been in a frenzy of excitement. Phone calls and emails and digital photos have flown back and forth across the miles. Airedale Rescue in Texas is helping coordinate the adoption application. The veterinarian references and personal references have checked out as GREAT.

The home visit is scheduled for this weekend. And, while all this was going on, we got 3 more applications to adopt GG! One family is in Florida and one is in Louisiana and one is in Alabama. Those apps are also being followed up and home visits are being scheduled for them. We don't know for sure who will be approved to adopt GG yet, and although there can be only one forever home for her, the other applicants will have good things to look forward to. They will go on a waiting list for Airedales that come to us in the future, or they may be matched up with an Airedale who is waiting for love in a neighboring state.

The very most exciting thing is that all these applications are from people we have never met but who are following our blog. There’s no way for us to know how many followers we actually have, but we appreciate all and every one of you so much! You have forwarded the blog stories to your friends and families and you have made a joyful difference in GG’s life. THANK YOU!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sissy is at THE VET today!

Sissy has an ouchie: an abcessed tooth. She is at the vet's office today and Dad will pick her up in a little while. The office closes at noon on Wednesdays and Dad doesn't get off work until 4:30 today, but it's okay.You know you live in a small town when the vet calls your Dad and says, "Sissy will be outside in a locked kennel. I will leave the key to the kennel and a bottle of antibiotics under the mop bucket at the back door."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Dear Mom of Hooligans,

I just adopted a three year old Weimaraner named Rocky. He's sweet and affectionate and I love him to death but he doesn't walk well on a leash. He almost pulls my arm out of the socket. What kind of leash should I get for Rocky? My sister has a retractable leash for her beagle mix.

Congratulations on adopting a great Hooligan! Even his name says "Hooligan"! I foresee alot of happy challenges in your future. As to leashes aka training leads, the one I swear by is a six-way leather leash that has been used in European schutzhund dog training for many, many years. You can use it several ways, but what I like most about it is this: It fits across your upper torso and attaches to the dog's collar. This will keep Rocky beside you so that he has no option but to walk at your heel, with you giving him an appropriate treat reward every so often. Plus, it will leave your hands free. I bought my leads many years ago at a dog show, but I believe you can order these from Just be sure to get one that is leather and is six feet long.

I never recommend retractable leashes for any dog. NEVER. EVER. Don't buy one. I have seen too many owners use these the wrong way and just let their dogs wander wherever they want to, as far away as they want to. It allows the dog the opportunity to annoy other people and other dogs and it also can cause horrid injuries to dogs. The retractable leash is in fact like a wire that can get wrapped around a dog's leg and slice it like a knife. It can do the same thing to human flesh. Big dogs can break a retractable leash with no problem at all, just snapping it like a string of thread. Stay with a strong, six foot leash like the 6-way lead I mentioned above. It's safer and it's reliable.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dad's Holey Hankie


THiS iss MAGGIE! I FyNULLy goT to comPOOTER all By Myseff aND noBuddy iss wATCHING!

Yesterday ouryard was soaken wet beecoss of rainrainrain alladale long. We cooddint play out there for long. Well DUKE and BUDDY ddnt want to play out there for long.
I wass liken that rain, me. But they wanted to get outta rain so we came bak inna houss and wass habben a borren ole morning until me and Duke got the grate idea to tteach Bud how to do the Airedance.

Only Mom says Airedances don’t beelong inna houss and she fusssd and made uss stoppit.

Then we deesided to snoop around in the dog den to see if there wass anny spilt food on the floor. There wassent so I went counter surfing and I got inta trubble for that too.

IN a few minnutts Buddy saw sumthen red on toppa da kitchen tabble. He dossent like red and he goess after it every time. Whitch he did again it wass a red dish towel and he pulled it down and it was sittingg under a pan and when Buddy yanked the red towell it made the pan come down too and it clanged and banged and Mom jumped and yelled and blamed ME for it becoss I had just been counter surfen a few sekunds before when she looked through the door. 

She put me in TIME out and DUKe hadda come too even thow he wassent even inna kitchen when it happenned. Dales get blamed for EVERYTHING around here.  I think Duke told yhall one time that the hoomans think Buddy issa little PRINCE!

Here iss a exsample. Buddy even went and foun one of Dad’s clean hankees in the laundry basket. He picked it up and rann inta the den with it and tried to get Dad to play tug. Dad just said, no Buddy, all my handkerchiefs have holes in them from your teeth and the people at the office make fun of me. He took the handkerchief away from Buddy and that was all that happened! Buddy laid down at Dad’s feet like a real good boy. GRRR.

After awhile the little prince got bored and wannedd us to play with him. He play bowed and wagged and finully began jumpping at us. He iss like a bowling ball when he jumps on us. I think Mom tole you that once, too.
Affter Buddy bowled into me a couple of time, and made me grrrowl he started in afta Duke. Duke doesn’t play bowling and he stood up and gave Buddy whut for which of course got us in trubble all over again. Then me and Duke looked at each other and got the best idea of all.

It wass still raining outside but you know when a dog hass to go, a dog hass to go. Me and Duke ran to the door and barked and of course here comess Buddy too. He ran right up between us and bowled us away from the door. But we didunt snap at hm this time. Dad came over and opened the door so the DOGS could go outside to take care of their bidness. When the door opened, Buddy almost broke a leg running outside into the storm ahead of me and DUKE. He just hass to be first, in everyTHING.

BUDDY ran out into the storm and me and DUKE just sat down. And grinned at each other. And stayed dry. GOTCHA!

The Dale who AAARRROOOs last, AAARRROOOOs best!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Our Jack is probably close to 14 years in human age. He's been with us since 2002 and was an adult when we adopted him. He's a little slow getting up, and very slow walking... unless there's a strange dog on the other side of the gates and then Jack finds enough energy and agility to put up an impressive vocal and threatening performance. But most of the time, he just meanders through his golden days and we all try to anticipate his needs so that he stays comfortable.

One of the things that's going on as Jack ages, is that it's difficult for him to make up his mind what a command means. Or possibly, he's just thinking that he's old enough to make his own decisions now and has earned the right to decide when to come inside from the yard. Often when my  husband or I open the front door and invite the dogs back inside the house, Jack will wobble to his feet and then stand there for several minutes looking at us while he ponders the situation.

This morning, while the dogs were outside, a heavy rain started to fall. DH went to the door to call the dogs and get them inside before they got drenched. Everyone except Jack came running in out of the rain. Jack slowly, agonizingly lurched up on his back legs, managed to stand up, took a couple of steps forward and then stopped. He either wasn't sure what to do or wasn't sure he wanted to do it. DH called to him a couple of times while GG stood in the doorway and watched. The rain started falling harder and Jack still stood there. 

Finally, GG ran back outside into the rain and went over to stand beside Jack.She pressed up against him, then walked with him over to a bush where he lifted his leg. When he was finished, GG escorted Jack to the front porch and up the steps and into the house. Now he is snoozing on his orthopedic bed in the master bedroom, while GG lies just outside the door. 

Great story, huh?