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Friday, June 3, 2011


diēs caniculārēs

Guess y’all have noticed it’s hot in Alabama. And there’s been no rain. NO RAIN. It was 101 degrees in our back yard the other day and the grass is super dry and brittle.

The other day Mom heard someone say these are Dog Days. She always thought Dog Days were in August. So she looked it up on something called “wikipedia” even though she said that’s an unreelieable source. Then she went to the Farmers Almanac. It said the Dog Days begin around the first of July and go to mid-August, so Mom guesses she was partially right. But then she read some more and she found out some really scawwry stuff that gave me bad dreams.

Before I tell you the scawwry story, here’s some other stuff about Dog Days. Did you know there’s a Dog Star? For real! WOOF!!! In the summer, the Dog Star shows up for breakfast. I don’t know what a Dog Star eats for breakfast but Mom said it probably whines for something besides dry dog food. (Didja catch yesterday’s blog?)

There isn’t usually much rain during Dog Days,  which makes people and four-leggeds feel real tired and heavy. Hoomans sweat alot but we dogs pant to cool off and sometimes our panting is real noisy. But here was Mom’s question: if the Dog Days aren’t supposed to show up until July, why are we feeling them now?

As usual, Dad had the answer. He told her that Spring came about four weeks early this year. He said that he can tell because historeckly the blueberries out back aren’t ripe until August. But this year, they are ripe NOW! Plus, Mom is having to water her flowers every single day because of no rain. Dad said that since Spring came early, that means that Summer came early too, which means so did the Dog Days. Makes sense to me.

Now here’s the scawwry part I mentioned earlier. When Mom was reading the Old Farmer’s Almanac about Dog Days, she found a story that said some hoomans named The Romans used to get so worried about the heat and dryness of Dog Days that they would sacrifice a brown dog at the beginning of the season. They thought if they did that, the Dog Star would be happy.

No wonder that empire fell.


 not THIS brown dog!


Ms. A said...

Can you even imagine what August is going to feel like??? And don't even get me going on hurricane season! Hurricanes are a tough way to get rain our much needed rainfall. Yikes!

Lori G said...

I had no idea where that was going! ROFL!! ROFL!! ROFL!!
Love It!!!! (and no worries Sweet Pups!)
oh, LOL Love ya!

Yum-Yum said...

HA, DUKE, WE LIKES THAT STANCE OF DEFIANCE: COME AND GET ME! We wish we could send our non-summer to all of you broiling like briskets and dog bisquitZ cuz Spring forgot to get off the train in Bham but they say this weekend we might get into the 70's! Sweet doggies, youZ rock StarZ, ya, and dog Starz, ya, and we loves your pictures, think about penguins, we do it all the time, but why?