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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Changing Rooms – er, Crates

Bungee Cord Security, Inc.

Before the Summer of 2005, storms did not bother me. Thunder, lightning, hail? No problem. Then Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast where we live. The internet is full pictures of the damage from Katrina. That’s just the stuff you can see.

There’s alot of damage you can’t see. Lotta hoomans and animals have that post stress thingy that Mom says me and Jack have. Whenever we feel the barrow metrick pressure change, we get nervous. Jack gets into the bathtub and I try to get under the bed. I am too big to fit everything under the bed so sometimes, just my head goes under it.

When our parents are at home and know that a storm is coming, they give us all something to calm us down before the thunder comes. But sometimes in Summer, thunderstorms just pop up without warning.

That’s what happened yesterday afternoon.

Mom heard a crack! of thunder and she ran to put Sissy and Jack in the bedroom. Then she herded the rest of us into our crates. She gave me THREE of those pills to calm me. Jack got two. But it was too late. The lightning had already made our addrennalynn kick in and the melatonin cuddnt overcome that.

A big ole thunder crash shook the house and Mom said she heard a sound like sumpen popping and then she heard me AAARROOOOing. She opened the door to the dog den and I had busted out of my crate. The wire door was in the middle of the floor and I was at the door, panting so hard my body was shaking.

No, I’m not embarrassed about it. If you were here during that hurricane, you’d understand.

But now the crate door is broken and Dad couldn’t fix it last night. So he switched out crates for us. Maggie got Buddy’s crate, because it was already wobbly and held together by plastic twist ties which makes it not very secure but Maggie doesn’t try to escape because she doesn’t see the twist ties from inside the crate, all she sees is the door in place like it’s supposed to be, so it won’t be a problem with her. Buddy got my crate with a bungee cord to hold the door in place because Buddy is such a good boy. Buddy nevah tries to escape from his crate. What a Good Dog.  (patooey)

Maggie was real confoozled this morning because she knew that wasn’t the crate she usually stays in. Mom had to explain the situation to Maggie plus give her a cookie to make Maggie feel better about things. Good Old Buddy went right into my old crate with the door hanging crazily to one side on the bungee cord.

And I got the last crate that is in one piece with a door that hasn’t been breached. Today’s forecast is for scattered thunderstorms. I ain’t making no promises.



Lori G said...

Hang in there Duke. I'm getting a little nervous myself these days. You know, those hoomans didn't name you "Duke" for nothin. You're my idol. Take care of the pack & the hoomans. Be Safe. Woof!

Ms. A said...

We made it through Katrina okay, but Ike was insanely traumatic for me. I feel your pain! I probably need a new crate, too.

Yum-Yum said...

OMG! First, what a profound point about what the pictures in the aftermath of Katrina couldn't show, the inner damage...the invisible wounds that never heal...we feel so much for you, Duke, and what a righteous act of indignation, you bustin' a move like that! Even if it was fight or flight fueled. We had a fire scare finally got us all crated up (since we males fight, that is a lot of crates!) and bungeed onto her 4-wheel-walker only to discover and remember: NO ELEVATOR SERVICE IN A FIRE! So, the fireman showed her where we could "shelter in place" for up to two hours while we wait to get rescued...AS IF! You hang in there, Duke, and - oh, BTW, about those pills...? any extras?

Anonymous said...

poor little Duke!