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Monday, April 23, 2012


Question: My dog has growled a few times when we try and move/scoot her over. What should I do to correct this?

Answer: If you think your dog is just testing you and isn't thinking about biting, the best thing to do is to toss a treat on the floor so that she has motivation to relinquish "her" spot. As soon as she gets up, you or whoever should plop themselves right where she was lying. Have her do a "down-stay" for a couple of minutes and release her with a "good grrrrllll!!"

Caveat: if she is doing this in your bed, you need to immediately stop her from getting on any furniture at all. Dogs with possessive issues don't deserve to be on YOUR furniture. They must earn that privilege.

If you think she's trying to be bossy over y'all, or that she might be thinking about snapping at you, it is absolutely okay to squirt her full in the mouth with Listerine. And then put her in a down stay at your feet for about 3 minutes. Again, she must remain in the down-stay until you release her.

Girls are so sassy.


Ms. A said...

Wonder if this would work on my sassy girls... who it just so happens aren't dogs, just sassy.

Mitch said...

Your mom is so smart, DD, and I have learned that I don't like Listerine!

Love ya lots,

Yum-Yum said...

They ARE SASSY! Any questions?!

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