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Friday, March 16, 2012

Blankies Are Important!

When Cammie/GG came to us, she arrived with a yellow blanket that her chauffeur Michelle had given her. The whole time she was with us, Cammie slept on that yellow blanket in her crate. We washed it a couple of times and she waited patiently each time for it to be returned to her. She loved that blankie. So naturally when it was time for her to go to Texas, I cut out a nice sized piece of the blanket for her to take to her new home.

Upon arrival, Cammie opened her tote bag and showed her sister Lillie all the toys and treats and bowls that she'd brought with her. The yellow blankie was in the bag, and Cammie's mom put it carefully in her new crate.

Lillie and Cammie have been sharing everything: treats, toys, meals, Mom & Dad's bed --- but then Lillie decided she was going to try out the yellow blankie too. She went into the crate and sat on it. It felt very soft and it smelled like Cammie, so Lillie liked it too. But Cammie had a different take on that.

Here is Cammie, trying to pull her yellow blankie out from under Lillie!

And later that night, waaaay over in Alabama, the Duke decided
to snuggle up in the remnants of the yellow blanket. Wonder what it is about that particular blankie?



Mom-Of-A-Gymnast said...

I was doing just fine reading about my baby girls THEN I read about Duke and got all teary eyed. Have I mentioned how much we ALL love Cammie Mae??? LOL

Ms. A said...

Awww, Duke is having memories of GG/Cammie. How sweet!

Lori G said...

Awwww ((((Hooligans))))
Such Sweeties! (sniff)
Love Them All!

Yum-Yum said...

We can wonder till the cows come home but there's a simple answer: Blankie Magic!

Yum-Yum said...

Actually, think Ms A nailed it! Meme, forgive me for just not being able to read about her leaving, i got attached to her...know you forgive me!