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Sunday, February 26, 2012

And A Good Time Was Had By All!

PetsMart was busy! Our friends Guinness and Maizie were there, and so was a little white dog named Stella that looks alot like our up-North pal Popie. GG met some puppies and some dogs that are smaller than she is and she did great! She met a few new hoomans, too, and made friends with them. We walked past the birds, the reptiles and the hamster habitats and GG didn't turn a hair at any of them. But when we went past the cats, it was a different story. WHEW! GG gave the cats some unwanted attenshun that Mom had to put a stop to because the cats didunt appreciate it.

Then we went to the grooming salon and GG got her nails done and I got lots of treats from the trainers 'cause they hadn't seen me in awhile. Mom said GG was a perfect lady in the salon. Here are some pickshures of our trip. Mom says we will go back again next weekend so that GG can meet more people and dogs. 

It was alotta fun today and we both slept alla way home but we can't wait to do it AGAIN!

pedicure in progress. See how good GG was?

meeting a Popie puppy

all tuckered out!


Ms. A said...

Did everyone breathe a sigh of relief? I'll bet they did. Glad it went well and no animals, or hoomans were harmed.

Mom-Of-A-Gymnast said...

I'm so proud of our baby girl. She will have to show Lillie that it's not that big of a deal and that she walked IN with 4 paws and walked OUT with four paws. We love you Cammie!!!

Mitch and angel Maggie said...

You did awesome, GG - especially with your pawdicure! I'm very proud of you!

Love ya lots,

Lori G said...

Yeah GG! Oh, what a Sweetheart you are! We knew you'd do fine with your Pack at your side♥. So happy for the whole team!
(Stella was a real cutie but Popie says, "GeeGeeee♥♥♥!")

The Thuglets said...

Oh well done GG what a clever girl you are! We are so pleased that everything went well.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx