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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


There are lots of different kinds of Hooligans in the world. There’s Little Giz in Florida, and Popie up in Yankee Land. And there are the Hooli-guinapigs in Bellingham. I think there’s even a c@t somewhere that Mom calls a Signifi-Cat, who is a Hooligan. His name is Cujo. I don’t think we’ll ever get together but I’m okay with him being in the club. Being Anofficial Hooligan just means you have a Hooligan spirit. You get into mischief just for the sheer joy of it. Because you can’t not get into the mischief. If you understand that feeling, you’re a Hooligan too.

Mom and Dad went to N’awlins the other day to see a whole lotta Hooligans that are from the same dog family our Buddy is. There’s an Animal Planet show about this pit bull terrier sanctuary that just moved from California to N’awlins. It’s called Pit Bulls and Parolees. The Grand Opening of their place was last weekend. Mom and Dad took them some food and some money and spent the day touring Villalobos.

There are over 150 pit bull terriers there. Lots of them are ready to be adopted and they are GOOD dogs, happy and loving and playful like Buddy. Here are some pickshures of a couple of them. And you can find out more about them at


Next time the ‘rents go to N’awlins, it will be to visit a new foster Airedale named Godwin. He was transported from Tuscaloosa to Meridian to N’awlins and is staying with a family that was really really excited to get him. Here’s a pickshure of Godwin. He didn’t come to stay with us but he’s part of the Hooligan House family anyway.

Y’owl have a good week! And watch out for Hooliganism.
April is a good month for it!



Ms. A said...

My granddog is a Pit and is the sweetest thing ever! We love her dearly.

Lori G said...

Pit Bulls are Hooli-Jewels!
Hoorah & Congrats to "Pit Bulls and Parolees" & Great Job Mom & Dad!
Oh, this Yankee is gonna play with his Bamalama Hooligan Buds one day. You can bet your best bone!
♥ Popie

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