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Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Explanation

Y'all know that I, Mom of Hooligans, am a retired (mostly) dog trainer. Along with our Jack, I taught basic obedience and Therapy and Service Dogs. And y'all know that sometimes people write me with training questions. Also, my husband I do Airedale Rescue Volunteering as well as rescue of other four legged Hooligans besides Airedales. That means that we are always looking for ways to pay for extra vet bills for fosters, gas money for transport, and other things that lucky dogs need when they are rescued.

Recently, we've had alot of communications from people who want to know what kind of dog toys to buy, what books to read and things like that. We generally buy most of our books and supplies through online shopping. And we thought, this might be a nice way to raise a little money for our Rescue work. SO... deep breath here because I don't want to offend anyone....

At the bottom of our howlinghooligan blog there is now something called an "astore" ( store) that will show you book titles and dog accessories and supplies that we use for our own dogs. If you decide to buy one of these items and click through our link to do it, we will make a few dollars here and there that will add up to pay for things that our rescue work needs in order to continue.

Everything in The Happy Hooligan astore has been tested and approved either by the humans at Hooligan House or by the dogs. We hope you don't mind this commercial message.


Mitch and angel Maggie said...

I think this is great! I wish everything we bought at benefitted you because we shop there all the time, DD!

Love ya lots,

The Duke said...

We are trying to work out a way to make that happen too. Thank you for the positive reinforcement! ;)

Lori G said...

Fabulous idea! Folks aren't being forced to buy anything, they get free expert advice (yes, I said expert) and they'd do well for more than themselves to click on that link and buy tested, recommended goods from a trusted and genuine family of Hooligans!
Fabulous and Generous Idea!
Popie is shopping already, Thank you!

Ms. A said...

Great idea! Hope people jump on it and the funds come rolling in, to help the 4-leggers!

gmarch53 said...

Yay..Go Hooligans, Go !