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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A week and a half ago, our hoomans found four black puppies in our driveway. They were trying to climb through the fence. Naturally, Mom brought them into the yard so they would be safe. She kept them in the chain link kennel in the back yard until she could get them to the vet to make sure they weren't sick. She didn't want us to be around anything contagious. Dr. M said they were okay to be around other dogs. He treated them for hookworms and said they just need a little weight. They are malnourished (that means SKINNY).

Mom put information on her Facebook page and within a couple of days, all the puppies had been placed in permanent homes. We thought. Then one of them came back to our house because someone in the new family was allergic to her. So we have "Pinky" back at Hooligan House. And she is taking the name of our house very seriously. She howled most of last night. It was her first time spending the night in a crate. She was in the dog den with Jack and Sissy. The rest of us haven't met her yet. I guess that will happen tonight.

Pinky is black all over except for a wee tiny white dot on her chest. She's some kind of All American Mixed Breed, that likely has a little Labrador Retriever somewhere in the background. Mom says Pinky is smaller and daintier looking than a purebred Lab. She is around four months old. We will be keeping her until she gets adopted. That means alot of commotion and howling at Hooligan House, including bouncing and play-biting with puppy teeth. We are going to have a blast!

Dad says things could be worse. He says the other three could have come back with Pinky. How could that be a bad thing? Sounds like Hooligan Heaven to me!


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