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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Many of you have written and are continuing to write us about our blog updates that spotlight the animal cruelty spree in Mobile County, Alabama. THANK YOU for caring! You've asked that we continue updates here, so we will do that (by the way, we haven't yet received an email response from that reporter at WKRG we told you about yesterday).

Our good friend at the Panda Pig Guinea Pig Sanctuary commented on our blog updates (  and ). Yum-Yum said...

“Is anybody really listening or do we all have to fly there on our broomsticks and have one of those "1%" demonstrations on behalf of the WAY MORE THAN 1% of ANIMALS ROUTINELY ABUSED EVERY MINUTE YET NEVER REPORTED, INVESTIGATED, OR ACCOUNTED FOR? Recently a hoarder dumped 150 guinea pigs off at a shelter in Southern California and the stories go on and on... How do we make a difference? Let's get a dialogue going.”

Mom of Hooligans has made a commitment to call the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department twice a week to inquire on the status of the ongoing investigation into dog killing/mutilations near Citronelle, Alabama. Could everyone reading this blog commit to emailing or phoning their local government rep and going on record as wanting stronger laws against animal cruelty? And to take it a step farther, could you do that every six months?  

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gmarch53 said...

I am Listening and Bristling here..Dear Duke..I was rudely put on "hold" yesterday... and after a while, got no answer to my ringing...will try again today :) Your Hooman Servant, G :)