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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This will be my last post on this subject until I have a follow up story to give you.   I am still talking to reporters about the pet killing spree in Citronelle, Alabama and I will continue to do that. But I know some of you can't bear to hear about it all the time, so if you want updates after this, please email me and I'll let you know how it is going.

The reporter I contacted today, Blake Brown from WKRG TV, said he spoke to the Citronelle chief of police yesterday but the chief didn’t have any answers. The chief said he is looking at 3 people but nothing has happened yet. Blake said he will continue to check with the police chief.


My frustration level over this situation is so high, I can’t begin to describe it. I’m sure you all feel helpless and frustrated, too. It’s inconceivable to me that, in a community with such a small population to deal with, the police don’t have any answers yet. I want to drive over to Citronelle myself, and just ride around looking for suspicious behavior.

I guess prevention is our best defense to keep this kind of sociopath crime down in our own towns. While I am not a political activist, I do sometimes visit the ASPC website. They have some suggestions on how to stay informed in your neighborhood by creating a neighborhood community watch program.

The ASPC website says that an animal is abused every 10 seconds.

They suggest building a team of neighbors to get to know the animals in your area, who their owners are and where they live. Pay attention to the animals’ living conditions and external health condition. If you see a bad situation getting worse, ask the person if he or she needs help with vet bills. Many churches now have animal ministry programs and know of vets who will provide services at reduced rates.

If you notice pets are disappearing from your neighborhood, talk to the residents and find out if anyone else has noticed and what they think is happening. Sometimes animals do stray from home.

Keep an eye out for suspicious activity: unfamiliar vehicles that cruise the area, strangers who pay unwarranted attention to neighbor’s pets. Together, your small team can prevent animal abuse, pets being stolen from their back yards, and even neglect. Pay Attention to what is going on!

Finally, please don’t be afraid to make phone calls. Let your local police department or mayor’s office know that you are starting a neighborhood watch program. Ask them to help by giving you suggestions on how to proceed. Call your local government representatives, Congress-people and your State Senators. Their contact information is readily available online. Get the phone numbers of everyone you need to call when you see an animal abuse/cruelty problem and distribute fliers with those phone numbers on every doorstep in your neighborhood. Put them in vet offices and grooming salons. And if you see something bad happening, let local news people know, too. They are your biggest resources for making the larger community aware of what is going on, especially if you think the law enforcement agencies aren’t doing enough to stop animal cruelty.

PREVENT animal abuse by letting people know that you won’t tolerate it. Right now, that seems to be all we can do.


Ms. A said...

It's a terrible situation, I agree, but I hope you will post any updates that become available.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Every 10 seconds an animal is abused? How heartbreaking :-(
Our paws and fingers are crossed that they catch these scumbags and make them pay!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Yum-Yum said...

That may be "all we can do about it" right now but that is DOING A LOT! It takes courage but shows leadership and children, in particular, are moved by our standing up on behalf of animals because kids are little, too. Two children in our apartment building, after hearing about our sanctuary, did their "Making the World a Better Place" projects on "Prevention of Animal Cruelty." They were making signs with red hearts and wanted to have a lemonade stand to help our local Humane Society. Can standing up and Speaking Truth to Power make a difference? YES, WE CAN!

PETPURRI said...

Thank you for your vigilance and for being a voice for the animals. We pray they catch the killers soon.