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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hi Hoomans! I diddunt forget to write the rest of Abby’s story, Mom just wudden give me any computer time until now. Don’t you think I deserve my own laptop with Dragon Dictation on it?

Anywaze, you probably want to know how it all turned out. Her Sunday evaluashun was durned good for a dog who had just spent three weeks in a shelter. Mom found that Abby was disctrackted (what terrier izzent??) over the birds and (sorry YumYum) guinea pigs and hamsters but not to the point of lunging at them.

Abby was friendly to all the dogs and all the hoomans she met at the store. She even kissed a baby that was in a stroller! Dad said she might have been tasting the baby but Mom knew better. They walked around the store for over an hour and at the end of it, Abby had learned that the word “Halt” means to stop walking and stand beside Mom and the shopping cart. Ackshully, by the end of the hour, Abby was halting automatically without having to be told to do it. She did want to run with some boys who were being hooligans in the store, but hey, that’s just to be expected!

Then Abby spent a few days with her foster family and played with their dog alot. That was Guinness. They really liked each other and it was hard for Guinness to tell Abby good-bye when it was time for her to go live in Auburn, AL.

BUT – her new family takes her to work with them and got her a new bed with her name embroidered on it and her new dad built a stand for her food and water bowls that has her name on it AND he is building her an air-conditioned dog house for when she wants to be outdoors during the summers. They took her to the spa to get a bath and a haircut too.

And Mom got a text message from Abby’s new dad this morning that said Abby has expensive tastes. Over the weekend, she chewed up her mom’s Chanel sunglasses and her dad’s Costa del Mars sunglasses. And you know what that means, right? It means Abby really really loves her new family!


before spa

after spa

Abby is AAAROOING with happiness!


Anonymous said...

Abby, you are looking gorgeous after your special spa day! Oops, maybe next time you eat something you will stay away from the good stuff! Enjoy your forever family!!

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

What a great update- glad to see she hasn't forgotten any of her hooligan training from you! Well- maybe you didn't teach her to eat pricey sunglasses, right? Have a great week!

Ms. A said...

Sounds like she has a thing for sunglasses, OR, she didn't like the style and was hoping by chewing them up, Mom and Dad would get different ones.

Yum-Yum said...

If the Abbess is chewing expensive things up we can only conclude she is part guinea pig, take it or leave it, that's our story and we're sticking to it! What a wonderful story. Now, for an encore...?

Maggie and Mitch said...

Her own embroidered bed? We are so happy for Abby!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lori G said...

Yeah!!!! Abby!!!!!
Sounds like you will be the Queen of this Castle!!!!
Congrats, Good Health & Happiness Forever!
Hooligans ROCK!!!

Secret Agent 1 said...

An air-conditioned dog house??!!! Abby will love that! And she looks so pretty after her makeover - not that she wasn't pretty before!