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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Abby's DPA started Saturday

DPA.  That means “Dog Personality Assessment”. I’ve noticed that hoomans like to use abbreeveeashuns. Guess they think it makes them sound smart.

We don’t have enough time to tell you about the whole test and Mom said you would prolly get bored reading all of it anyway. I don’t think you would get bored because you enjoy reading about Hooligans already but I don’t argue with Mom. Much.

Maggie woodent let Abby play with any of our toys at first. She grabbed Jack’s green Frog away from Abby and growled and took it to her crate. Abby was real nice about letting go of the Frog. And when Maggie went around the house collecting all our toys to take to her crate, Abby just watched her. Mom said that meant that Abby is not possessive about stuff.

Maggie put all our toys that she could find in her crate and then lay down on top of them. Mom said that just proved Maggie is a real @#*&^ and that you would know what that means. Do you?

Mom locked the door to Maggie’s crate and left her there in what Mom calls rotten splendor. Maggie had the dog den all to herself while the rest of us, including Abby, had to settle for treats. Yummy, bacon flavored treats. Mom told us to sit and wait while she held a treat out to each one of us. We all sat like gentlemen and Abby watched us and did what we did. When it was her turn, she took the treat very gently from Mom’s hand. She didn’t try to steal treats or food from us the whole time she was with us, so we know she is not possessive or growly about food. Maggie howled because she could smell the treats and she wanted one, but Mom said “too bad, Maggie, you made your bed and you can lie in it!”  (Mom can be tuff like that.)

Later that afternoon, Mom put the other Hooligans in their crates. I stayed out so I could be a nootral dog, and watched her and Abby do some more evaluating. I had to stay very quiet on the sofa while Mom threw a squeaky toy for Abby and Abby ran right after it and brought it back and dropped it at Mom’s feet! She can also catch a treat in the air when somebuddy throws it to her, just like I can. And, she learned how to lie down and stay for 3 minutes while I was sitting next to her, and she learned the “leave it” command real fast and she did it much better than Maggie and Buddy do. It was fun and me and Mom and Dad were very impressed with her. But not everything was perfect. After supper that night, the parents caught Abby trying to take hooman food from the table. And that wuzzent all. Abby likes to collect stuff just like Maggie does. She collected socks and shoes and a remote control and a magazine and, well, just whatever she saw that looked intrustring. Whatever grabbed her attenshun, she tried to put in her mouth and run away with it. But she wuzzent growly about it and when Mom or Dad had to take stuff away from her, she didint get mad. I think this is prey drive but it’s not crazy prey drive like Maggie’s is. (Did I say that out loud?)

When the house evalyuashun was over, Mom let me and Abby go out in the back yard for a romp. We played bitey face and tag and we chased skwerrels and barked at the neighbor’s horse. We had FUN!

So that was Saturday. Sunday, Mom went to PetSmart to observe Abby around strange hoomans and other pets and loud noises and unexpected happenens. I’ll tell ya about that tomorrow. In the meantime, y’owl go get yursevs a good treat. I’m gonna do the same!


playing bitey face


Ms. A said...

Sounds like Abby did great! So, did Maggie flunk that DPA, with flying colors? Is that why only someone like Mom can handle her? She does sound like a handful!

marifn56 said...

I guess Hooligns can be as varied as hoomans. Duke, I've met a couple of @#*&^ too! Way to go Abby!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Maggie's pretty stingy, huh! We thought it was pretty funny that she got locked in her crate with all of the toys while you guys got treated! haha
It sounds like Abby is doing pretty good!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Gizmomma said...

Wow! It sounds like Abby passed her first test - with a gold star. I'm not that good with the tests - Momma says it's because I'm stubborn like mule but strong like bull. I don't think she means it as a compliment, but I wants what I wants when I wants! Nuttin' wrong with that! I think Abby sounds like a princess - does she like shorter men?
Love, Gizmo

Lori G said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!! Abby!!!!!!!!!
What a Good Girl!!!
She'll be fine!
Hooligans & their Mom & Pop ROCK!!!
Much Luv