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Friday, February 25, 2011


Mom just linked a blog from a GUINEA PIG and a blog from a C@T to my page! This is not to be tolerated! Those are critters I was brought up to hunt, chase, capture and maim! If any of my Airedale pals find out about this, I will be humiliated. What? Mom is pulling out the bag of pig ears from the pantry. She's opening it...

Ahhhhhhh. No rodent or cat ever tasted like this! Maybe no one will notice Mom's reading list.


1 comment:

cujo cat said...

Though ye be a dog thingy, I find your blog thingy very amusing. I agree with the statement that guinea pigs are somewhat yummy,however the one you refer too is a friend and I would be "annoyed" if he were eaten. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Just please do not tell other felines that I follow you. (I have a reputation after all)