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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's in a name? You're not gonna believe what's in a name!

One day I asked my Mom why I was named "Duke". She gave me a big hug and told me that I was named after a Great Man and his Great Dog.

In Mr. Wayne's own words:

"There've been a lot of stories about how I got to be called Duke. One was that I played the part of a duke in a school play, which I never did. Sometimes, they even said I was descended from royalty! It was all a lot of rubbish. Hell, the truth is that I was named after a dog!" ~ JOHN WAYNE
That’s right. As a boy, Mr. Wayne never went anywhere without his big Airedale Terrier who was named Duke. People around the neighborhood called the boy “Little Duke” and the Airedale “Big Duke.”

Yes, America. Your greatest Cowboy was named after an Airedale Terrier. That’s because terriers are the smartestest bestest dogs in the world and the ADT is known as the King of Terriers. Mom says we should be called terrierists. But she smiles when she says it. Usually.

That story about Mr. John Wayne is true. So let’s all do a high five for the Cowboy Hero who was named after a dog!


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