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Monday, September 26, 2011


Noah’s Park is all about PETS! This year, we have added a new activity that we know you and your furry companion will be excited to join. Best of all, ANY pet can participate. Look through the categories below and see which one you want to enter your pet in for fun and prizes. Then, email Muriel Donald: to register! Or, you can sign up at Noah’s Park on the day of the event!

Precious Pets Contests – (Opposable Thumb trophies)

Wildest Wag (dog) – This dog wags the entire body, not just the tail. Be sure to put your valuables out of harms way!
Best Kisser (dog) – Slurp slurp slurp. This dog has kissing down to a fine art. He focuses his entire attention on making sure your face is completely laved with love.
Best Vocal Performance (dog or cat) – Whine for a treat, Sing an aria, Bark his excitement, Yodel for attention, Mew for tuna or Howl with his pack. This pet’s talent raises the roof.
Cutest Kitty (cat) – This kitty just makes your heart melt. Pretty is as Kitty does!
Best Smile (dog) – Does your dog laugh, grin or smile from ear to ear? Showing all your canine teeth isn’t always a bad idea.
Pet/Owner Look-alike (all pets) – dressed alike, same color fur or same colorful attitude? Do your friends think you and your pet are twins?
Longest Tail (dog or cat) – Is your pet careful around rocking chairs? We’ll be using a tape measure for this one!
Shortest Legs (dog) – The seven dwarfs had nothing on this dog! Her legs might be the shortest but they get the job done!
Least Obedient (dog – because all cats would be winners) – This dog loves ya, baby, but does things in his own time, at his own speed and only at his own desire.
Most Mysterious Heritage (dog) – Her family lineage might include a Lab, a spaniel, a shepherd, a poodle AND a bulldog. How many dogs contributed to your pet’s mix?
Most Glamorous (all pets) – Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Just fetch me that bone, that can of sardines, or cover me with gorgeous bling!

MOST ENTERTAINING (tricks) (all pets) Does your lovable critter have the Pet X Factor?

Jo Anne McKnight (Reporter – Mobile Press Register)
Dr. Marcia Martin (Veterinarian – The Holistic Veterinary Center)
Barbara Robinson (Veterinary Technician - Animal ER & Holistic Veterinary Center)
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Anonymous said...

The pet contest is a hoot!! And, the carnival sounds like a blast. How wonderful to have 2 great events like this. I love it!

Maggie and Mitch said...

This sounds like fun! We're on it!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Ms. A said...

Hey, I could enter shortest legs and least obedient! Can humans enter?