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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The REST of the Story: the Grrls Go HOME!

The rest of the Great Rescue Run is that last Monday, the Grrls all went to a veterinarian in Lakeland, Florida. Miss Cindy emailed the chauffeurs and told ‘em about it. The vet said the Grrls are healthy -- no heartworm, no ear or eye problems, good development in hips, good skeletal development.  They have their vaccinations now.  

They went to their forever homes that afternoon. Turquoise Grrl is now called Aly. Pink Grrl is Xena. Purple Grrl is Zoey and she has already had her first grooming. Xena even slept in bed with her new family the first night.  Do you think she's going to be happy with them? They are all scheduled to be spayed within the next week. 

Things are quieter around our house, but Mom says we might have another rescue dog to Hooligan with real soon. She hasn’t mentioned this to Dad yet though.

Note from Duke’s Mom:

I’m sure you will all be happy to hear that the ADT mom of the Grrls has been rescued from the puppy mill too! We are thrilled.  She had 2 litters back to back and she is not even 2 yrs old. UGH!! She is terribly thin and needs some real  TLC. Her foster mom and the family vet have put her on a good diet and are seeing to her medical needs. Eventually she will be ready to be adopted by a loving family who will take care of her for the rest of her life. 

She will never be a puppy mill dog again.

This is the Grrls' mom! She is safe now, thanks to Miss Diane and to NAR.

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marifun56 said...

I'm so Happy for Aly,Xena,and Zoey!
I need a tissue for such a happy ending! Yeah to the Hooligan House for a great success! Hooray for rescuing their mom too! The kitties are giving you paw pumps for a job well done.

Ms. A said...

I can't imagine having your life charted out to turn out litter after litter, and not having a choice in the matter. Thank goodness for people like your Mom.

Gizmomma said...

Dear Duke,
You are so lucky to have 2 hoomans who are so kind and caring and take in rescues and find them new homes. I was woofing and crying through all 5 parts of the story. Couldn't wait for the end!! Hey Duke, did you know that me and my hooman live in Lakeland? Maybe Aly, Xena or Zoey live nearby and we can have play dates! That would be neat. Give special, sloppy wet kisses to your hoomans - they done good!

WOOF - love, Gizmo

Kilkenny cat said...

Hooray for the puppies!! Even the cats are excited to hear the good news. Duke, your mom & dad is good people to help out so many poochies in need.


Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

Wonderful news! And so happy that the puppy girls mom is safe too. That brought tears to my eyes. Way to go Aire-angels!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What great news about the girls! We are so happy that their mom is getting the care that she needs and our paws are crossed that she will find a loving forever home too!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Ruthie said...


Wyatt said...

Such wonderful news! Thank you Airedale Rescue :)

Wyatt and Stanzie

Yum-Yum said...

I wish stories like Duke's were broadcast on the Nightly News so we could all be happy for the love, compassion, commitment, and humanity surrounding us that goes unreported because the people doing this work are too humble to tell their stories, so, Duke, you are our Official AnchorDog from now on! Well Done, all around. Congratulations and thank you for the rescue and taking the time to make us feel happy about Life.

Lori G said...

Awww...& Wow...
((((All Hooligans))))&
((((NAR Folks))))
Priceless gifts you give♥

Amanda said...

Love this!! Wonderful story of hope, unending love and peace!