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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Confesstion Time

Hooligan House has a confession to make. Two weeks ago we had a dog fight. Sissy and Dad got the worst of it. Sissy had to have lots of stitches. Dad's hands were, uh, hurt kinda bad. He was trying to stop me and Jack because he thought Jack is too old and slow and unsteady to be in a fight. Maggie and Sissy squared off and it was pretty bad over in that corner. Jack and I just locked teeth on each other and growled and shook each other's head alot. Mom said it was all sound and fury between us. Dad didn't know that and he tried to pry our jaws apart... Jack didn't realize it was Dad... Dad's hands got bitten. Jack and I both freaked out and Dad picked me up and threw me outside on the deck. By that time, Mom had separated Maggie and Sissy. She locked Maggie in the bathroom and took Sissy to the dog den. And Buddy? He's "such a gooooood dog!" (did that sound too sarcastic?)

Mom told him twice, "Buddy, leave it!"
And Buddy did. Buddy the pit bull dog left the fight and went outside like Mom told him to do. Nyah Nyah Nyah. WhutEVAH.

Maggie and I got our butts kicked and Buddy got a treat.
Sissy went to the vet and got her face stitched up. She's doing great, Mom says no one would ever know anything happened to Sis because her attitude never changed from the happy girl she always is. Jack is fine. He feels a little guilty because in the heat of the minute he didn't realize it was Dad's thumb he had in his mouth and not my ear.

So of course, having told you this much I need to tell you what went wrong, what started the fight. See, Mom knows that when there is a very reactive dog in the family (that would be Maggie, Mom says Maggie is "special" -- whatever that means) that the dog pack has to be managed and controlled. Sissy and Maggie have always had a personality conflict, since Maggie was a puppy. Sissy and Maggie have to be kept apart. Well, Mom hadn't double-locked the back door that day and Maggie was able to turn the door knob and she ran into the hallway and saw Sissy there and Maggie went GRRRRRR and Sissy said GRRRR and Maggie jumped right on top of her and went to biting and snarling and Jack and I got excited and went to growling and snarling and then Jack got up on his back legs and I got up on my back legs and we went at each other's ears and Dad got upset and ----

and then Buddy tried to nip one of Maggie's legs and Mom said, "no Buddy, leave it!" and Buddy backed away like a good little boy and ----

Well, everyone is okay but Mom feels like it was all her fault for falling down in her pack management. She said it was the toughest dog lesson she's ever learned. I think it was tougher for me, though, because I'm the one that got tossed outside on his A double scribble.

And Buddy? Oh, he may THINK he's the golden boy right now. But I'm biding my time. I'll get my chance to put him back in his place. 'Cause that's how dogs roll.



Ms. A said...

Bad dogs, no biscuit!

Yum-Yum said...

So it was all mom's fault? Always blame mom!
Works for us! WheeeeeK, GO JACK, GO!