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Friday, May 27, 2011

C@t Story

I have another c@t story, not because I am really fond of the creatures (except when I’m chasing them) but because this c@t in particular has been special in our family for a long time.

Mom’s oldest daughter, Heather, was working at a hospital many years ago and there were feral cats living out back near a dumpster. Of course, Heather wanted to bring them all home but she could only catch one. It was a skinny, neurotic c@tling about 6 months old. She brought it home, cleaned it up, got it vetted and named it Inky because it’s coat was white with black splotches.

Oh, you want to know why I said she was neurotic? I didn’t make it up, that’s what Heather’s husband said. Inky never got over starting her life as a wildcat. She was scared of people, scared of other cats, scared of everything. Except she wasn’t scared of Heather and Steven. Inky loved them and slept in their bed with them. But, when any other hooman came over to visit, or any other animal came there to live, Inky hid. And she was such a good hider that H sometimes couldn’t find her for days. When Heather and Steven moved to Mississippi, Inky hid for days after the move. And all that stressful evacuation stuff during Hurricane Katrina and then living in the bed of a truck for a few weeks afterward, didn't really help Inky feel any better. But they were able to move back into a real house several months after the hurricane and Inky did adjust to new living quarters even though she would still hide from other people and animals.

Well, of course you know how this story is going to end. Inky’s spirit left yesterday to go on the journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Heather and Steven brought her body back to Hooligan House to be buried in the woods behind us. Mom and Heather cried a lot while Dad and Steven took care of details.

All five of us Hooligans had to stay in the house and we howled and howled because we all knew what was going on and that our family was sad. We howled so much that a storm came up, and some thunder rolled and some lightning cracked. Mom said the sky was crying for Inky but you know sumpen?

I don’t think the sky cries about journeys. Every time one of us goes outdoors, we’re taking a journey. Every time we take a nap, it’s a journey. The sky sees all the journeys and it doesn’t worry about them. Our hoomans can’t see Inky but she’s there with Heather & Steven, just like she has been for the past thirteen years.

She’s just hiding like she always does when things get too weird for her to handle. Heather will find her again, just like she always has. Have a good trip, Inky!


Ms. A said...

Have a blessed journey, Inky. Godspeed.

Prayers for the hoomans missing you.

Lori G said...

Aww((((Duke & the Entire Pack))))
Our hearts go out to you.
Inky was/is certainly blessed with you All.
God Bless, Love & Comfort You
Popie & Lori

Maggie Mae said...


I pray for a journey more pleasant than any you have ever had. And, since you have been on such a wonderful journey for many years with your family this one too will be blessed.

You will be missed!

your friend
Maggie Mae
PS. Your pic looks like me.