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Friday, April 29, 2011

To Dog Park or Not To Dog Park

Mom just had a telephone call from somebody wanting to know what Mom thinks about the proposed dog park in our city. I'm here to tell ya that Mom mostly disapproves of dog parks.

That's because many hoomans  use dog parks the way some people drop their kids off at movies or the mall so that they don't have to deal with them. They take their dogs to the park, take the leashes off, and just let the dogs run.

Dogs who don’t get any exercise or mental stimulation at all because they are cooped up in a house or a crate all day while their hoomans work, shouldn't be let off leash on their own recognizance at dog parks. Too often, the result is Really Bad Behavior. Dogs who are too frisky or have too much pent up energy often go overboard and play with their teeth.

Or, dogs who don’t have a lot of self confidence don’t know how to react when a terrier starts to spar instead of sniffing to say hello. That’s when dog disagreements start and somebuddy usually ends up having to go to the vet’s office.

Mom says, and most dogs would agree if any two-leggeds would bother to ask us, that we much prefer playing with our own family and our own dog pack. We don’t like being confronted by any Max, Sam or Molly at the park who has never been to obedience school and doesn’t have good dog communication skills. Unless a dog works for a living, we are mostly content to just go on long walks with our hoomans and play fetch and tag and get lots of belly rubs. Regular dogs who don’t prefer playing and exercising with their families are usually emotionally deprived because their humans are not really dog people and they don't understand what dogs need to be well balanced.

If you are a dog person who will play with your dog and his pals at the dog park, Mom says "Good Job!"

BUT if you aren’t really a dog person and don’t enjoy running with your dog, romping and jumping and getting muddy, throwing balls a hundred times in a row for us to fetch, baking special dog cookies, going for midnight potty excursions, digging holes and barking for joy and howling for fun, Mom says you shouldn’t have a dog at all.

She says you need to get a lizard.

1 comment:

Yum-Yum said...

We agree. We make our own parks in our own home
with our own toys and treats and romp with wild
abandon until we are so tired we lay down for cuddle time and more treats! Being enslaved by
a dog, a guinea pig, or any other four-legged is
a commitment! One we prefer to other commitments such as mental institutions and marriage, although mom says they both add up to the same thing. But we do know one thing: if we want to play and interact, we want to do it with our own herdmates with toys and cuddle cups and things we have scented with our own "eau d'poop !" Guinea Pig nation agrees with Duke except for the cat part: if people won't give a dog enough attention, and get a cat, the cat will eventually consume said "owner" in his/her sleep. Believe us! People like that should just watch clouds and leave us animals to those who are willing to give us what we need and love.
(i.e. Be enslaved by us.) WHAT?!